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  • HI @Quiltmama - sorry to hear that - how are you feeling physically and do you have a followup with the DR?
  • Oh man @quiltmama I'm so sorry to hear that! Have you not been feeling well or yourself?

  • I've got a visitor at my door so I'll check in back with you all in a few!
  • Hello dear dialogettes, it’s been good for me to spend some time reading through the topics and comments while here on my holiday. I don’t have much energy, so I rest and read. The webinars have also been good to take in. Hope everyone is  having a good week. I will be back again next week, probably will want to share questions and concerns about recurrence. I really liked the weninars featurng the two survivor women who talked about how they have spent their time and energy.
    cheers and best wishes for spring,
  • Hi @terrylee. Yes last week they found my bright lung had partially collapsed, I have enlarged lymph nodes in my chestvare neck and some tissue on my right chest wall that is growing. I saw a radiation oncologist and got all set for radiation to start by April 3rd. Then the abdominal pain hit and It was brutal so yesterday had an emergency CT scan. I didn't hear from my oncologist today but yesterday they told me they didn think they could wait for the radiation. I'm worried (and scared) to say the least!! I'm more comfortable with increase in pain meds.
  • Will definitely keep you in my thoughts @quiltmama. The mere thought of recurrence is scary as sh*t I can't imagine the turmoil you are going through now. Keep us posted <3
  • Thanks everyone. I really hope I hear something tomorrow but I will probably call them. It's only been 6 months since I finished my treatment for my first recurrance!! Although I'm a fighter I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle!!
  • Hello again everyone and @Quiltmama ... sending a big hug and good thoughts your way. Glad you were able to get into the ER and looked at quickly. We will be thinking of you for sure.
  • Wishing you all a restful night - take care everyone. As always, see you around the site and back here on Tuesday April 2 @7:00 CST 
  • Live chat on Tuesday - what time can I be involved Pacific Coastal time
  • hi @DeltaRed and everyone - hope you can join us tonight at 7:00PM CST (I believe that is 5:00 Pacifictime)

  • Hello @JaneWest -how are you doing  today?

  • I would like to know if anyone has experienced immunotherapy. Is it available?
  • Another question I have is regarding low body temperature.  Why is it cancer patients have such low temperatures and how can we get our bodies to correct and raise to normal?
  • Hello @DeltaRed - thanks for stopping in - hope you are doing well tonight!
    There seems to be some promise and research lately in the personalized medicine or precision medicine. 
    This site explains some of it

    We are on the chat tonight if you are able to join us @CurlyHair @red1976 @Quiltmama @terrylee @birdee
  • Ohhh. I thought I was on live chat.  
  • Hi - you are @DeltaRed - there is a bit of a delay when we post. 
    We all try to meet on the site at this time to be together - hello @Quiltmama - hope you are doing well.
  • Hi @Flowergirl. Not doing too bad. Had radiation for the first time today. Go everyday until Monday. They are hoping to shrink these enlarged nodes. I start chemo again the end of April. Cat scan is clear but CA125 up to 712. So a recureance for sure. Hope everyone else is doing well.😊
  • Hi @Quiltmama- glad to hear you are doing ok considering all that - may I ask, did you also have radiation previously?
  • Wishing you a good rest of the week.

    Good night everyone - hope to see you back here on Tuesday April 10 @7:00PM CST
  • I’m now three weeks past my surgery and one week past my 5th dose of chemo.  My abdominal is still tender deep down and had a rough time with chemo. This stuff has the ability to cease my bowel into concrete, and then like a miracle it softens and completely eliminates on the 7th day. 
    I feel like I’m still new to this disease. I still feel I’ll beat it, but that somehow it will never let me be.
  • Sending a warm hug to quiltmama.    
    It’s dinner time here and I’ve already burnt my broccoli, therefor I’m signing off to focus on cooking.  
  • Looking forward to connecting with you all tonight at 7:00 PMCST 
    @DeltaRed @JaneWest @red1976 @Quiltmama @midcanada @CurlyHair @terrylee
  • Good evening @flowergirl how are you?
  • Hi - doing ok - it is a quiet night tonight! Awaiting the warm weather that is sure to come. Determined, I bundled up and went around the block on my bike yesterday! 
    How about you?
  • Doing good, just tired and same here, awaiting warm temperatures. Supposed to be snow again tomorrow...
  • Yes, it will be a slow start to spring thaw all over the prairies. 

    World Ovarian Cancer day is coming up - MAY 08... any ideas or thoughts on what we want people to know, understand besides the facts? Knowledge and education and please fund research are my messages.
  • There are programs that promote breast exams, and in MB at least we get a letter from CervixCheck if we haven't had a pap in 3 years or more. It would be nice to have something to promote the education and detection of ovarian cancer since it is often found beyond stage 1 and even if it is, can be difficult to treat.
  • Exactly - I was hoping for a partnership with perhaps those organizations to assist in the education as sometimes similar symptoms are found as other diseases... like endometriosis and bladder cancer.  There we did it - will pass that on to OCC and our local representatives. :):)
    Thanks and have a great night!
  • Good evening everyone  and hello if you are around for the chat tonight @JaneWest @red1976 @Quiltmama @midcanada @birdee @terrylee @lakelady3 @DeltaRed @jsullivan33 @Afab @CurlyHair @Jeannie