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  • Hello all,
    It's a fine spring day to be advocating for increased awareness on Ovarian Cancer Day.  Here's hoping things improve!
  • exactly!
    I'm off to enjoy the last of the sunshine - I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week.

    Reminder if you would like to participate in messages of hope project - please direct message me
    I'm collecting these inspirational supportive comments and will have them copied into cards. These messages will be distributed to the survivors at the support group meetings or conferences. 

  • See you throughout the site and back here again on Tuesday May 15 @7:00 PM CST 
  • I was at the clinic today, and noticed with pleasure that a local Ottawa craft brewery called Beau’s Ale is sponsoring the Walk for OvCa in June. I wont’t be on the online discussion tonight as I am a bit overwhelmed from today’s clinic findings.  Seems I have an early recurrence, so need to rethink a number of things. I am glad that I have a cancer coach available throught the Regional Cancer Society, will talk things through with him. Good thoughts to all you sisters on the Dialogue.
  • @jsullivan33 We are here when you want to talk. Huge hugs sent your way
  • Hello everyone
    Sorry to hear that @jsullivan33 - and for sure we are here when you need to chat or vent 
    sending a big hug your way and glad you do have those resources!
  • @Flowergirl Sorry about missing so much here. The app doesnt alert me anymore
  • Hi @red1976 - perhaps you can check in with Marilyn again - must be a setting issue
    I'll direct message you.
  • Hi @terrylee - how was your day?
  • Good evening @flowergirl and @red1976! Is everyone enjoying the "summer" day?

    Hi there @jsullivan33 I'm so sorry to hear your appointment didn't go as well as it could have. We're all here for you!!

  • @terrylee We did have a summer day but now it's pouring rain!!!!
  • It was good. Enjoyed some fresh air until the wind nearly blew the kids and I over (the little one literally got blown over lol!). I connected with someone who is currently undergoing treatment for ov cancer so I'm hoping she checks this out and joins us some evening.
  • Weather here was great - too much wind though - and everyone is so pumped with this hockey!
    We have lots of craft breweries here on the prairies - going to try and get more to get on board like that one in Ottawa @jsullivan33 - thanks.
    I spent last Tuesday going to the local businesses to drop off the brochures on Ovarian Cancer Awareness. 
  • It was 31 today @red1976 and supposed to be 6 overnight so I'm hoping we get some boomers tonight!
  • @terrylee Do you mean thunder???? No thank you!!!! I am so scared of thunder storms. And i have to pretend to be brave for the kids. Lots of practice there now i guess ;)
  • Yes I love thunderstorms (as long as it's not severe and causes damage). I really don't like the winds. We had a bad storm a few years back and env Canada called it plow winds but it sounded like a freight train. Was lucky there wasn't much damage to my house but my neighbour's garage next door was completely obliterated.
  • Yes, those storms can be damaging. 

    Is everyone in a good place tonight? Anything pressing on your mind? I really have been trying to do lots of self care, focus on the moment tasks.. started reading some book on art therapy.
  • Yes, those storms can be damaging. 

    Is everyone in a good place tonight? Anything pressing on your mind? I really have been trying to do lots of self care, focus on the moment tasks.. started reading some book on art therapy.
    I'm not in a great headspace right now. Treatment is now done and it finished on an unexpected note...with me not being able to get my taxol due to a bad reaction. And my cycles were stretched o every 4weeks at cycle 3 due to low counts. So i feel so worried about recurrence because we veered off treatmemt course. So much worry right now 
  • completely understandable @red1976 - it is difficult. Hoping the DR team has provided you with some answers and a plan... do you feel like you are in good hands with them?
  • @flowergirl I do. But it wasnt my regular guy yesterday. I plan on calling him tomorrow to ask questions I was too high on benadryl to think of!!!
  •  :) yes, that does a number on you - slept for days!
    Good plan - I hope they are able to settle your worries for now.

    And just like the storms, sounds a bit corny, however true - we prepare for them and take shelter - (friends, family DR team and this chat site) and then dance when it is raining too! 
    And sometime the forecast goes out the window.
    I recall once the weather station said 95% chance of rain - but there was a 5% chance of no rain - so I went on my bike anyway - and it didn't rain! :)
    Wishing you a good evening and the rest of the week!
  •  <3:)  
  • Hello @lakelady3 - thanks for stopping in tonight - hope you are feeling ok!
  • Good night everyone - wishing you a great rest of the week.
    Catch you back here on Tuesday May 22 at 7:00 PM CST
  • Thanks to each of your for your supportive words. It helps so much at these moments to hear them from like-minded women. @Flowergirl,    please see this link  for the Beau’s Beer sponship of this year’s OvCa walk 7 July in the Ottawa Valley.
    I hope to join next week, best, @judsullivan33
  • Hi @jsullivan33 - thank you for those details and hope you have a great weekend!
  • Hi everyone - the holiday Monday has messed me up with the days  - as well as our fabulous weather 
    Hope you are all doing ok and I'll connect with you around the site later tonight and again we will try for next week
    @7:00 PM CST Tuesday May 29th 
  • helo @Tesla01 - how are you doing?