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  • @Flowergirl I fell asleep early last night. Is there anyway to have a better forum for the chat? More real time? There's such a delay in being able to 'chat'. Just a thought 
  • Hi @red1976
    Hope you ad a good rest and are feeling well.
    Yes, there is a bit of a lag time when you post. We are restricted to how the chat is set up.
  • Hope to see everyone back here on Tuesday February 13th at 7:00PM CST if you can join then.
  • Good evening everyone - hope you are doing well tonight.
    If you are new to the chat - welcome.
    Please take a look through the topics as there are several pages of them now and there are history notes on previous discussions within those topics.
  • The recent issue of the regional updates for Ovarian Cancer Canada has come out. Be sure to check into what is happening in your area as well as connecting with your regional representative and support groups. 

    Quiet night tonight... hope to "see" you around the site and back here on Tuesday February 20 @7:00 PM CST
  • Sorry @Flowergirl I forgot again! I'll set a reminder for next Tuesday!
  • Good evening everyone - welcome @chaoskitty
    How has everyone been spending their time getting through the February cold snap? I have been able to skate a few times - fresh air is lovely - when you are dressed for it of course!
    Hello @red1976 @terrylee @Quiltmama if you are around tonight.

  • Thinking of you also @maryk and hope you are comfortable today
  • Hi @Flowergirl...I spoke with Maryk on the phone this afternoon. She is doing better. 
  • Hi @Flowergirl...just relaxing after #3 today. Was delayed a week for low counts. Watching curling in bed :)
  • Thank you - that is good to hear @Quiltmama
    Hope you are doing well tonight also.
    Good place to be @red1976 - rest when you need to for sure.
    It is a hockey night again - love these sports to get us through the winter
  • If you haven't signed up already the next webinar series on genetics is on March 01
  • I'm doing really well. Sitting here eating popcorn and watching Netflix with my husband. Don't know about anyone else but this weather is really getting me down!! Getting cabin fever too. And @red1976 get your rest!! 
  • I'm also hoping to attend a local education series on pelvic health in March and will post the details I learn about that.

    On another note, anyone try hemp hearts - shelled - they taste like sunflower / pumpkin seeds crushed - they are my latest fav and you can add them to anything - salads, smoothies in cookies... they are nut free and have lots of protein.

  • Yes- this weather started to get to me today - on the plus side, when it is too cold I tackle the indoor to do list - this weekend we painted - anything to keep busy and productive - also helps to stay in the moment and banish the worries!
    Anyone else have a coping technique that is their go to?
  • Hello @Luci22 @cavy @Courtenay - how are you doing this evening and I hope you have had a chance to go around the site and view the topics - we are at three pages now.
  • @jan0927 @KarenMari53 - hope you are doing well too!
  • @Venus @CurlyHair @oldmaster - how are you managing this week?
  • Hi All,
    I think I am too late for this evenings chat. I have definitely been watching a lot of the Olympic events. I love most of them and especially the womens events. Love the nordic skiing the most. I also have been feeling a bit of cabin fever but it won't be long until we are able to enjoy some outside activities.  

    I am having my seventh and last chemo tomorrow and it will be nice to have a break.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences and what you have been doing to get through our Canadian winter.

    Go Canada!
  • Hi @Flowergirl.... I'm doing well, thanks.  Had treatment #2 on Feb 7...took about 8 days to feel "normal", but I feel great now. Little tired after work but I just rest instead of push myself. 

    After chemo, I find that if I just eat small bits of food, the nausea isn't bad, eating more toast and cereal than ever in my life, but it sits better than my usual eggs. I eat cottage cheese mixed with a bit of applesauce, very tasty and get some protein.  I didn't take any of the anti nausea prescription meds last time, zantac and ginger chews as needed. Tons of water and gingerbread spice tea. Hope that helps if anyone is having trouble eating after treatment.
  • I'm glad you were able to join us @chaoskitty and @KarenMari53... wishing you well with your treatments and hope to see you around the site. 

    Look forward to meeting you back here on Tuesday, February 27 @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • Damn I missed chat again. I decided to defy the cold, bundle up and go for a walk after supper. 
  • Hello everyone - I've checked inhere early again today - it is a hockey night. Hope everyone is doing well and that is always a good plan terrylee, to go for a walk when you can... feeling so blessed with the support here on the site and such good topics! 

    Reminder the genetics webinar is set for March 01 and if you would like to sign up, the link is below.

    I'll check back here again throughout the evening and as always, feel free to direct message me. 
  • Good evening @Flowergirl hope you are keeping well.
  • Hi @terrylee - doing ok - thanks 
    managed to get a skate in today 
    how are you ?
  • I am good @Flowergirl enjoying some balmy -2 MB weather!
  • Yes @terrylee - it is great when the weather brings sunshine and balmy temps - sure helps lift everyone's mood.

    Goodnight all and hope to catch you around the site and back here on Tuesday March 6 @7:00 PM CST 
  • Good evening everyone 
  • Hello everybody 

  • @Flowergirl , how much snow did you get?