Chemotherapy - what to consider?

Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well.
I am 48 years old and had surgery on Sept 6th where they found cancer and they did a hysterectomy.  I had a follow up with the doctor at Princess Margaret yesterday and he recommends 6 cycles of chemo. This is all happening fast and I  am unsure if so many things. I have stage 1,c, clear cell. There was so much information from the Doctor but he said the my cancer is rare and can be aggressive and there can be a recurrence. He said chemo may help some but I go back and forth on what to do ...or take no chemo. 
I have anxiety and I am afraid of throwing up and of hair loss and some of the other side effects.
Do I take both drugs (carboplatin and taxol)?
It is effective if I take only  carboplatin?
How do others make their decision?
What things should I be considering?
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  • Hi @kittycat.  Thanks for starting this discussion!  Its a difficult decision particularly if the doctor seems uncertain about the effectiveness of the chemo.  Here are some other women who were diagnosed with Stage 1 disease.  @jemgirljeri @KarenL @kastoyles @jiselle16 @sunshine and @jojo305 .  They may have some insights about how they made decisions around this. How long do you have to make a decision?
  • Hello Kittycat

    I have received many rounds of carbo and taxol chemo with a debulking surgery.  I have found that it helped me.  I did not have too many severe side effects.  They will give you steroids and anti nausea to counter issues.  I think you should discuss it with the doctor and others around you.  Write down your concerns and take them to the doctor or your GP if you have one.  Ask them.  I have had a recurrence.  Recurrence is common with ovarian cancer in general.  Good luck and keep chatting in the future.  
  • Hello Kittycat,a difficult decision however in my case they told me what my option would have to be(stage 3b)so I had carbo and taxol.They control the side effects well and I had no problem with nausea etc.My hair did fall out but wigs have come a long way and many people did not know it was not my own hair.If you can go to a "Look Good Feel Better " program that might help and they give you alot of makeup and skin care tips.Usually offered thru a hospital or cancer clinic.What made me feel better was to start off my day making myself feel good, -get up ,wash your face and put your makeup on.Refuse to be negative.All the best we are all rooting for you.
  • Hello,  Thank you for the feedback, I found it very helpful.  It helped me make the decision to go ahead with chemo.  Better to be on the safe side.  I will make the best of things and keep a positive attitude and use the time to do what I love.  Arts and crafts.  As well I am going to try to figure out something else I could do for a living.  Thanks for all the kind wishes.  I wish everyone good health and happiness.  Kittycat.
  • I too have Stage 1C Clear Cell. The pathology showed a small breach from the tumour to the outside and chemo was recommended because of the possibility of cells in my abdomen. I struggled with the decision to do chemo as well. I didn't feel sick! My hysterectomy cleared up the pain I was having and I was on the road to recovery. My GP said I needed to be as aggressive as possible. My  husband was all for it as it would give me the best odds. Up until the time the IV needle went in my arm, I was still undecided. But I went ahead with it. I was really surprised as how well I felt through the span of 6 rounds. Yes I was fatigued, my legs ached for days, I lost all my hair (actually I shaved a week after my first treatment - it was one thing that I could control!), but I did it. Above all TAKE YOUR DRUGS FAITHFULLY!  They are prescribed for a reason - they will help you get through the treatments with as little discomfort as possible.

    Drink Water! Be sure you are well-hydrated before your treatments and drink what you can afterward to help your body flush the toxins. I noticed a big difference between the times I was well-hydrated and the times I wasn't.

    Senokot became a good friend of mine. I constipate easily and the drugs you take will cause constipation. Water, fibre and Senokot....

    I had a nap every morning and one in the afternoon for the first four days or so after treatment. As they went on, the fatigue became more pronounced.  I would hit a brick wall and just had to lay down, not necessarily sleep, but lay down, warm and toasty, close my eyes and chill out for a while. Hubby would remind me every day to lay down for a while. The body needs time to heal and fight the assault that's going on with chemo. Listen to your body. Don't try to be a hero and push yourself beyond what your body can handle.

    You can do it!
  • Hi your comments have really helped me.  I prefer to do only carboplaten but will see.  I am only 3 days into my first chemo treatment.  I feel quite tired and not much appetite and a little nauseous. Pills work though.  My husband is taking time off work to be with me.  I’m lucky!  Kittycat
  • @kittycat Listen to your body...  and your husband!!  LOL Mine was an angel - he did everything, all I had to do was rest, eat and heal.. The six rounds will be over with before you know it.
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