Chemotherapy - what to consider?

Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well.
I am 48 years old and had surgery on Sept 6th where they found cancer and they did a hysterectomy.  I had a follow up with the doctor at Princess Margaret yesterday and he recommends 6 cycles of chemo. This is all happening fast and I  am unsure if so many things. I have stage 1,c, clear cell. There was so much information from the Doctor but he said the my cancer is rare and can be aggressive and there can be a recurrence. He said chemo may help some but I go back and forth on what to do ...or take no chemo. 
I have anxiety and I am afraid of throwing up and of hair loss and some of the other side effects.
Do I take both drugs (carboplatin and taxol)?
It is effective if I take only  carboplatin?
How do others make their decision?
What things should I be considering?
Thank you,


  • Hi @kittycat.  Thanks for starting this discussion!  Its a difficult decision particularly if the doctor seems uncertain about the effectiveness of the chemo.  Here are some other women who were diagnosed with Stage 1 disease.  @jemgirljeri @KarenL @kastoyles @jiselle16 @sunshine and @jojo305 .  They may have some insights about how they made decisions around this. How long do you have to make a decision?
  • Hello Kittycat

    I have received many rounds of carbo and taxol chemo with a debulking surgery.  I have found that it helped me.  I did not have too many severe side effects.  They will give you steroids and anti nausea to counter issues.  I think you should discuss it with the doctor and others around you.  Write down your concerns and take them to the doctor or your GP if you have one.  Ask them.  I have had a recurrence.  Recurrence is common with ovarian cancer in general.  Good luck and keep chatting in the future.  
  • Hi your comments have really helped me.  I prefer to do only carboplaten but will see.  I am only 3 days into my first chemo treatment.  I feel quite tired and not much appetite and a little nauseous. Pills work though.  My husband is taking time off work to be with me.  I’m lucky!  Kittycat
  • @kittycat Listen to your body...  and your husband!!  LOL Mine was an angel - he did everything, all I had to do was rest, eat and heal.. The six rounds will be over with before you know it.
  • What chemo drugs have you been on?  

    I am interested in your treatments because it seems that the American and British support forum members have such a wide variety of chemo drugs being used.  

    Do we Canadians have the same options?

    I have had nine cycles of Carboplatin and Paclitaxel as front line treatment.

  • I had a hysterectomy and 1 carboplatin.  Might go with placlitaxel as well for remaining cycles.  I was diagnosed with stage 1 clear cell ovarian cancer.  
  • Hello @midcanada regarding the amount of drugs I can say that as far as I know Health Canada does not move as quickly to approve drugs even though the FDA has approved some of them.  Regarding the PARP inhibitors Canada has approved one so far for some people while FDA has approved 3.  We have the funding side to it as well.  Publicly funded.  
  • @kittycat I did both carbo and taxol for all six rounds
  • Hi @midcanada.  Generally speaking, the standard drugs that are used for front line treatment in Canada are Carboplatin and Paclitaxol.  This may vary depending on individual circumstances but these two drugs are usually where treatment starts along with surgery. If the disease recurs, these drugs may be used again as they are the preferred ones.  If not, there are other drugs that are available to use with recurrent cancer or cancer that does not respond well to the platinum drugs.  This will vary depending on the individual situation.

    How are you feeling about upcoming CT scan?

  • I'm still waiting for pathology/staging results (over 5 weeks now) but I understood my gyne oncologist to say in the hospital that it could be Stage I with no need for chemo. It seems there are a few here that were Stage I and still had chemo? I wonder if different Drs have different recommendations? I would rather err on the side of caution and have chemo, than regret it later.
  • Hi @jan0927. Yes, it can be confusing when talking about treatment for Stage 1 disease.  It can depend on each individual situation, the type of ovarian cancer, the grade of the cancer, the substage of the cancer (stage 1a, 1b or 1c) and what the doctor might recommend.  For example, several of the women above have stage 1 clear cell ovarian cancer.  This type of cancer may be more aggressive than other types which could be why chemo is recommended.  If the cancer is completely contained and removed through surgery, the doctor may not recommend chemo.  This is the kind of conversation your doctor will have with you when your results are in.  You can ask why they are making the particular recommendation and let them know your thoughts too.  

    If you have received a copy of By Your Side, which is a guide we publish for women recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there is a section on page 41 that has a list of questions to ask the doctor regarding your diagnosis and treatment recommendations.  If you do not have the book, you can order it online at

    If you do not have By Your Side, let me know and I will post these questions here for you.
  • Hi @KarenMari53 - I had carboplatin and paclitaxel as treatment.
    Day of the treatment was ok, just tired  (they gave me benadryl to prevent reactions).
    It is post treatment when the side effects showed up. Joint stiffness was my side effect - I felt like "Rusty the tin man"
    Movement, such as walking and light exercise seemed to help.
  • Hi @Flower girl.... Thank you...someone else said they did 6 rounds with little side effects. It is helping me relax, I have done research on diet, etc today so I can go into this educated and ready. Anybody continue working? I work as an administrator/ bookkeeper and hope to keep up for the 6 cycles. My employer (my church) has been amazing.
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