Looking for any Clear Cell Carcinoma Sisters! (Ontario)

I'm 48 and was just diagnosed with Stage 2 OCCC a few days ago. Feeling VERY angry and incredibly overwhelmed. I'm having a hard time accepting that I am now part of the Cancer Industry. Apparently the stats aren't that great for this cancer type.
Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to cope, emotionally. Thanks.


  • Hello @SpectacularKaos... welcome to the chat site and sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.
    How are you doing today? There is a lot of support here on the site as well as many topics and coping strategies we hope will assist you. I'll also private message you.
  • I have OCCC - Stage 3 and know exactly how you feel.  I was diagnosed in early February. It is overwhelming at times but I just focus on the good days when I can get out and do normal activities like shopping, visiting with friends, and walking as well as doing hobbies.  I try to live in the moment and take it day by day.  This is easier to do in weeks two and three once the chemo side effects wear off.  
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    @SpectacularKaos, I was diagnosed with Stage 1C Clear Cell in January 2016. The tumour was successfully removed, but they discovered a breach and it was possible cells had leaked to my abdomen. The recommended course of treatment was 6 rounds of chemo. I was shocked to find I had cancer in the first place - then to need chemo? My family doctor said that I needed to be as aggressive as possible with this cancer.  I thought of my mother who died from breast cancer in 1975. If she had the options available today, she would have done whatever she could. So, I had chemo.
    How do you cope? It's different for everybody - but there will be sleepless nights, tears, anger and frustration. You will get through it. This forum is here to help. Talk to friends, join a support group, connect with others who have gone through the same thing. Try journalling, meditation or relaxation techniques - they all helped me cope, but it was a long time before I personally made peace with the diagnosis and treatment.
  • Hi @SpectacularKaos! I'm very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too was diagnosed with Stage 1C clear cell carcinoma in June 2016. I live in Ontario. I had a full hysterectomy at age 31 and then did 6 rounds of chemo as a precaution. Clear cell is a more rarer and aggressive type of cancer - so I was very scared - but I have been in remission since 2017. I too was very angry and overwhelmed when I was diagnosed...it felt like a whirlwind. I still am dealing with the residual anger (why me?) but in many ways cancer has changed my life for the better. I know it sounds a bit hokey, but I no longer take things for granted and try to live life to the fullest. There is a book called "Picking Up the Pieces" and it was instrumental in helping me cope once treatment was finished. If you have any questions or just need to talk or vent - feel free to post here. We got your back!
  • Hi everyone.... I have been newly diagnosed with Stage 1a CCC.  Information I quite didn't expect to receive when I went to investigate a mass growing within me. I followed through with a radical hysterectomy and mass removal.  Pathology confirmed the early stage CCC which was contained to my left ovary.  No treatment required (and praying that I made the right choice).  I am happy to meet everyone and read your stories of strength, hope and survival.  We got this!!  
  • Hello @LISA
  • WEclome to the chat site. We hope you are doing well and find much support here online.
    I have a couple ladies in my in person support group diagnosed and treated for/with Clear Cell... I'll see if I can gain some insight to share or if they are able to join this site
  • I realize this discussion is from the spring of 2019, but I feel I should add my name, as it were. @LISA , @jiselle16 , @kastoyles , @SpectacularKaos, @Maggie_Mae_2019
      My hysterectomy was in mid-November, 2016.  The larger cyst was a 17cm oval. I got the pathology 4 weeks later; stage 2 ovarian cancer, with 10% of the cells being clear cell.   The other cells were adenocarcinoma. I had chemo and radiation.  The treatments weren't too bad actually, and now I'm No Evidence of Disease.  Anyway, a year or so after the pathology report, they changed the staging 'rules' so what I had was stage 1C. 
    SpectacularKaos, did anyone say what percentage of clear cell you had? In any case, my doctors said as I had clear cell, I needed chemo and radiation, so that's what I had. 
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    Hi @Elsie13 glad that you found us and I found your comments curious. I had not heard anything about staging rules.
    My oncologist said I had clear cell, but don't recall a percentage. My surgery was in Jan 2016, beginning chemo in January and finishing in July. I was diagnosed as 1C - my tumour breached and there was a possibility some cells leaked into my abdomen - that was the reason for chemo.
  • @kastoyles, I tried a computer search, cancer staging rules in Canada, but I couldn't find anything.  Then I found: https://www.sgo.org/clinical-practice/guidelines/new-figo-ovarian-cancer-staging-guidelines/   I live in Montreal, so maybe the health care here took a few years to catch up with the new system???
  • Hi everyone My name is Deborah and I am from Saskatchewan.
    I was  diagnosed with ovarian stage 1 grade 3(clear cell) in sept 2002
    at age 47.So almost 18 years ago.! I had a completely hysterectomy to remove a large cyst( they originally thought  benign ) by a gynaecologist. They determined it was malignant on the operating table.
    I was then referred to a gyn oncologist in Calgary and had a staging operation 10 days after first operation. I’m sure they must do that differently now. Hopefully as that was tough.
    I completed 6 rounds of carboplatin and taxol.
    I just wanted to try and give those newly diagnosed Hope  that clear can be cured!
    I did not have access to all the wonderful info and support groups then. Ovarian cancer Canada was just getting started.

  • I am only in this site right now as a friend of a friend was newly diagnosed and I was just seeing what might be new for treatment and came across someone wondering about clear cell.
    After 18 years you don’t think about it much except for there are always residual effects from surgeries and chemotherapy. Although not bad for myself.
    Just a note though I had IVF when I was 30 years old and delivered triplets.
    I often have wondered if that procedure maybe contributed to the ovarian cancer( drugs)? No definitive answer to that I have found.
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