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  • Good evening @jsullivan33 @TealSister - how is everyone tonight?

  • Good evening ladies !! Hope you are well and soaking up this lovely Summer weather. 
  • Hi @Linda - doing well and loving the sunshine - how are things for you?
  • Hello there ladies, beautiful summer evening here in Ottawa, enjoying my family and pleased about my consultation with oncology today. I had asked for a discussion with the head of clinical trials becuase of my early recurrence, and she. decided then and there to restart my chemo for 4 cycles,  with the objective of enrolling me on oliparib as soon as the chemo is completed. No need for a trial. This is the path I wanted. This a complete turn around from the original plan by my pincipal oncologist, which I had questioned and I am convinced that my reaching out to other members of the clinic team was worth the effort.  Sending warm greetings to all, and celbrating your healing. So much of my questioning comes from reading your stories and the resources posted on OVC.

  • Hi @Flowergirl - Good to hear you’re doing well.
    My physio is going great and new hip is starting to make a difference. I also took your advice (to help my scanaxiety) and I’ve been talking about my anxiety more during the day. I also have pieces of paper and a pen on my bedside table. In the last couple of sleepless nights, I’ve scribbled my fears on the paper. Then i’m just gong to throw the pieces of paper in a small box. So the hope is that I get the thought out of my head. Hasn’t worked yet but I just started, so hopefully it’ll help.  I read the idea on the web somewhere.
  • Hello Judith - glad to hear you are having a good time with your family and have found the support and direction you were looking for. Thank you for sharing.
    Yes, this site and the sharing of resources and support sure helps us all to ask questions and absorb the information.Wishing you well as can be as you begin the chemo.
  • Good night everyone - hope to catch you around the site and again next Tuesday!
  • Hi @jsullivan33 - nice to hear you’re having great family time and enjoying summer weather. And that’s great news that you got positive outcome from oncology for your questions. You really do have to be your own health ambassador. Sending prayers and warm wishes to you as your next round of chemo starts.  
  • Thanks, @Linda, thanks for your prayers. A comfort I can count on. And I hope that your recovery is coming along beautifully. From your posts last week I can percieve a bit of mischief and ice cream. Take good care, be well.
  • That is a good plan @Linda. Sure helps to get the worries out on paper and perhaps help you rest better.
    I've done a similar exercise with gratitude.. writing down those moments and slipping the papers into a jar to look back at the end of the year or on a special date.. I also found that idea floating around the net.
  • Hi @Flowergirl can you confirm time?  I'm in Ontario and came by @ 7:21 pm.
  • hi and welcome - it is 7:00 PM CST - so that is 8:00 EST
  • Hi @Flowergirl How are you doing ? 
  • hi good evening @Linda - doing ok thank you. We still have sunshine so I plan  to get out there in a few minutes to enjoy every last drop of it. Waiting on a scan appointment so that is a bit heavy on the mind. 
    Hope you are feeling ok.
  • For those of you interested, please check out the survey at SurvivorNet  before JULY 27th
  • Hi @Flowergirl Glad to hear you are well. And the anxiety when waiting for a scan is so daunting. Have a lovely evening and soak up the rest of a lovely day. I’m also a bit anxious (scan on July 23 and oncologist July 30).  My hip replacement and physio has become a distraction. I see my ortho surgeon on Friday (post surgery follow up) so I’m hoping he will tell me I can drive again. 
  • Hi Linda - thanks much.
    Yes - I'll have fingers and toes crossed for you as well. Wishing you a great evening - an hope you get to cruise soon! :)
  • Good night everyone - wishing you a great rest of the week.
    Catch you back here on Tuesday July 24 @ 7:00 PM CST
    and around the site!
  • Good evening everyone - tea and a blanket for me tonight - the weather has changed to a bit cooler temps - which is ok - a relief from the heat.

    Thinking of you all and I hope you are all doing as good as can be. 
    Interesting today is #internationalselfcareday!
    So, what are you doing for self care? I have a couple of those hydrating face masks - going to use one tonight at bedtime - it has lavender and is so soothing!
  • Quiet tonight on the chat and that is OK.- good night all 
    Hope to catch you all back here next Tuesday July 31 at 7:00PM CST 
  • Hello all, ‘been busy last while, including a trip to beautiful Edmonton, and faily visits hosting  here in Ottawa. I wish you very best results on your scan @Flowergirl. And @linda - well done on your progress withthe hip, fingers crossed on your next scan, too. Your surgeon should have you burning rubber again in your car , don’t let him cramp your style.  My chemo has gone well, it is single agent (just carboplat) and I find it much less toxic. I realize now that taxol is the heavy duty element in the chemo cocktail, and am glad to miss out on it this time. 
  • Hello @jsullivan33 - good to hear you are managing ok.
    Hello @Jack and  @terrylee - hi everyone and hope you are all doing ok.
    I am having some electrical issues so WIFI will be spotty soon - I'll connect back again later
  • Hi @flowergirl, @jsullivan33, @jack

    Chilly evening here so skipping my aquafit class but on the plus side I get to be here for Tuesday chat :)

  • Thanks for joining us @terrylee
    Yes, I am looking forward to tea and a blanket very soon!
  • Hello @Linda - great to catch you on the site again!
    August is around the corner and the walk day event will be here soon in September!
    Anyone planning any fun activities leading up to the walk?
  • Hi ladies I finally got the time right.
  • hi -welcome 
    ok my WIFI is going out now - catch you back when I can - thanks 
  • @Flowergirl my plans are to go canoeing and motorcycle riding.
  • Started 2 weeks holidays yesterday and had a massage today. Hip has been bothering me and the therapist thinks it may be bursitis so trying to take it easy and let my body recoop.
  • Good evening ladies! @jsullivan33 glad to hear your chemo is going well (and no taxol thank goodness!) Thank you for your kind words of encouragement- and yes I’m burning rubber again!  Physio discharged me today and said I can continue at home. They want to see me back in 2 months. And 80% of the weight bearing pain is gone (just using Advil now)
    I got my CT scan results yesterday and it was good news for a wee change. The abdomen and pelvis scan (which had previously shown a soft tissue lesion 6.4cm x 11mm) ct scab read: No evidence of disease recurrence.  I asked the oncologist if this was for sure MY ct result, and she smiled and said Yip!  The thorax result however, was a little concerning - said suspicious tiny nodules in both lungs, more prominent on the right; suspicious for early metastases. So we are following up in 3 months. So it’s a bit of a worry but I’m focusing on the good news, and going to enjoy the 3 months break.
    Enough about me - how are you all doing ?