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  • @terrylee Sorry to hear about your hip.  What are you doing to manage the pain?
  • @Linda sorry to hear about your health struggles.  I do appreciate you sharing, as it is helpful to know how others are coping.  One step at a time.
  • Thanks so much @Ingrid_Canon  I wanted to share as much as I can to help others. I was diagnosed in 2015 with Stage 4.  As for controlling pain, before I had my hip replacement, the pain was hard to control, opioids only took the edge off. Then I discovered CBDs and it was incredible compared to the opioids. I went from using a walker to walking with a cane. 
    Have fun with your canoeing and motorcycling, and keep well. 
  • My electrical issue and WIFI now fixed.

    Those sound like great adventures @Ingrid_Canon - hope you have some fun!
    Massages are so great - hope that helps you @terrylee
    Hi @Linda - thanks for sharing your update - I have been thinking of you. Glad you are back in the driver seat!
    Agreed, take in all that good news for sure regarding those scans and it is comforting they are looking after you.
  • Glad to  connect with you all this evening. Meet you back here on Tuesday, August 7 @7:00 PM CST 
    I hope you find some moments to enjoy the rest of the week and the upcoming holiday weekend everyone.
  • Hello everyone - hope you had a great long weekend and are staying cool- heat waves across the country this week!
    Welcome to those new to the chat- we are here to support you.
    What is on everyone's mind tonight?!
  • Hi @Flowergirl Hope is on my mind.  Things have a funny way of working out sometimes.  I read somewhere recently to stop, look and listen.  I realize that I don't do that often enough.  It is amazing what you can miss that is right in front of you.
  • I like that @Ingrid_Canon - hope is always on my mind too!
  • Hi everyone.  My sister has high grade serous ovarian cancer stage 3a.   I am so worried.  She had a hystectomy on July 10. Her CA 125 was 212 bf surgery.  Now it's at 49. Anyone have any positive stories.  I am so worried and depressed.  
  • Hello @Scarstef - welcome to the chat and this is the place for support for you and your sister. We hope you will find some comfort and great information here on the site. Lots of positive stories as well. You can also view more in-depth information on the main site: - click on all the tabs to find what you are looking for. I'll also private message you. 
    We hope you can join us here - live chat Tuesdays at 7:00 PM CST 
  • Thanks for your support.  Appreciate your reply. 
  • - you are most welcome @Scarstef ...... Good evening everyone - hope you are all doing as well as can be.
    That sure was a heat wave over Canada a few days ago!
  • Hi @Linda - glad you can join us - how are you doing?
  • Hello everyone ! @Scarstef A warm welcome to you and your sister ! @Flowergirl How are you this evening?  Sorry I missed last Tuesday’s chat. I was off the grid - managed to get away for a few days to our cottage. It was peaceful and chillaxing, and boy the humidity was incredible.  Physio is going great and the new hip and knee are starting to feel a part of me. I love having my independence back @jsullivan33 no stopping me burning rubber now!  How are you doing Judith ? I’ve been thinking about you.
  • Hi Linda - doing ok thanks - so good to hear you were away and back with the mobility.
    Will you be able to attend the walk in your area in September?
  • Thanks @Flowergirl I would have loved to but i’m only just walking half a block.  I have Sept 7 pegged to wear Teal that day for all the sisters who are on this journey. And I hope to be able to attend the Lunch, networking and Education Program on Oct 12.
  • Nice - yes we are in the planning stages for Sept 7. Hope you can meet up with the others. 
    I hope you have  a fantastic time at those events
    There is so much support and encouragement at these events.
  • Thanks @Flowergirl Have a great week, and keep well ! 
  • Is this a live chat, I don't know how to use this!. Sorry
  • hello and welcome - yes we log in at this topic on Tuesdays - whomever is around.
    How are you and your sister today and I hope you found some hope and support around the site?
  • It's nice to speak to others about this stressful period.   Btw, hi Linda, .how are you? 
  • You can type in your comments here or you can also direct message me if that is better.
    I'll stay around the chat for a little while 
  • My sister is constipated. She is having a hard time going number 2. Her first chemo was last Wednesday. How are you flowergirl ? 
  • Hi - sorry to hear that - did they give her some medication options for relief? Sometimes it is the antinausea pills that do it, or the chemo itself. Lots of water and soft fruits - apricots helped me.
  • Good night everyone - meet you back here on Tuesday August 21 at 7:00 PM CST 
    and around the site as well.
  • Hello ladies, have been in and out of town, totally enjoying this summer. Missed a couple of Tuesdays, but hope to sign in this evening. Wanted to share a product caled Joos that I have been using for a few months, made in Edmonton by a biologist with nutritional expertise. I posted a review of her product and include it below:

    “This is a completely natural product that packs the benefits of concentrated vegetable and fruit nutrients and minerals into a flavourful powder for drinks. As a cancer patient, I found Joos perfectly aligned with the evidence and guidelines provided by Drs.  Beliveau and Gingras, “Foods That Fight Cancer”, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), McClelland & Stewart 2006. To quote the authors,  .”...understanding the science behind these therapeutic benefits, we come to realize not only why it is so critical to add these foods to our diet, but how easily it can be done”. With Joos, it is amazingly simple, and there are several choices across the flavour and composition offering”

    The Joos drink can be instantly prepared to taste, and now  replaces the synthetic  industrial products that I need  for thirst, for flavouring the oral CT scan contrast  medium, and for  hydrating during chemotherapy days.”

    Talk this evenig. Have my oncology appt. this afternoon to discuss  treatment progress and recent scan...
  • Good evening everyone - hope everyone is doing as well as can be.
    This last bit of summer seems to be passing by quickly - I'm heading out to enjoy the last bit of warmth this evening.
    Everyone is getting ready for wear teal day SEPT 7 and walk day here SEPT 9. How are all your plans going? 
  • good evening @Gabrielle - how are you doing this week?

  • Not too bad!  Will be going for my CT scan August 31 and colonoscopy on Sept 5. You always feel anxiety before taking tests.To ease anxiety,I listen to a lot of inspirational videos and lectures by Wayne Dyer. Listening to him always makes me feel good!  Thank You Flowergirl. Always nice to hear from you!
  • Hi 
    Good to hear you are managing. Yes, that big "A" can get the best of us. I am reminded to seek out the tools to deal with it. And extra self care activities helps!
    Will be hoping for the best for you. I'm off for a walk in the sunshine before it cools off. Hope you have a good rest of the week.