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Has anyone experienced an elevated ca-125 and slight progression of disease on this drug. The question I have is whether they will discontinue it or keep trying for a bit


  • Strongwoman
     Apologies for not answering this for you earlier. Although I have never taken the drug I am positive this is a very real concern for you. What I do know about elevating CA 125 levels in general are that most often, Oncogists look for a consistent trend when monitoring them. That could mean trends of slow gradual rise or faster climbing numbers upwards or vice versa. This is usually over a 2-3 months to see what the trend is in addition to treatment, response to treatment and symptoms or any additional testing and their results.  This is what helps them paint a better picture for the answer you are searching for. I do hope that helps.
     Alternatively, I typed in Niraparib into the search bar and at least 9 different discussion threads came up. There could be some very valuable info in those threads for you. I would suggest reading them to see what info they hold.
     I hope you find the answers to the questions you are seeking, have alternative therapies to turn to if this is not the one for yourself and/or you make the correct answers for you and how you choose to live your best life.
      I will be curious to see an update from you when you are ready to share with the group.
    Take care