Anyone Platinum resistant? What did they do for you?

I had 3 rounds of carbo & taxil - no response - tumors have grown since Feb 2022 CT.  What did you get offered after you found out you were Platinum resistant?  I don't understand why they don't try other platinum combinations.  They tell me there is too much spread to do the debulking surgery and that I have months to live.  What other options might I suggest?  They are going to discuss and get back to me and I've requested a second opinion from Princess Margaret Hospital.

Anyone told 'terminal' and still here months or years later - what treatment worked for you?  I am high grade serous ovarian stage 3C spread to many sites within the abdominal cavity.


  • @BellaDonna1959
    I too am high grade serous 3C since 2017, although no spread to organs or outside my abdomin so far.  But I"m also on my third or fourth recurrence now and  as of the last one, deemed platinum resistant like you.  They've put me on course of Caelyx backed up with Avastin.  So far it seems to be working.  The tumor on my left is showing a bit of shrinkage adn the one on the left is stable since we started back in December. Regardless, I can feel and understand your anxiety and your desire to continue to fight is clear.  IF you need answers, need a referal, need anything to support continuing hope right now, this is the time to demand it.  Time for you to take the bull by the horns.  Waiting for a "we'll discuss and get back to you" isn't sufficient. It\s as easy as saying.....rather than wait for you to call, let;s set up a telephone conferecne for Friday at 2pm and I'll expect you to have the answer then.  Taht way the ball is in your steer the ship.  And I pray the news you get, whatever way you get it, gives you some hope gal. 
  • They had told me that they will be calling me Wed next week after reviewing all my charts and discussing my case with the tumor board and I've told them to get the whole file to PMH today.  They are setting up an appointment with a Credit Valley medical oncologist also.
  • Good to hear you're being connected to a medical oncologist. I take it your treatment before was with a gynecological oncologist who's a surgical specialist.  I've been under the care of a medical oncologist for the last 4 years and credit much of my survival to her.
  • That's good to hear!  I got my 2nd opinion confirmed for Monday next week!  This is great - he can tell me what he would do for me and about trials at PMH and then I can compare that with what the team at Credit Valley come up with for me.  I feel a bit more hopeful today.  

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