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Anyone Platinum resistant? What did they do for you?



  • I haven't been feeling better overall because the Taxol & Avastin drugs kick the you know what out of me. Right now the symptoms are very heavy, tired legs (fronts of my thighs) so walking is a huge challenge.  I've requested prescription compression socks that I'm told will help.  I've also requested a scooter so that I can get around and stay active and a participant in my life.  For example, I went out on Oct 31 with my daughter and grand kids to trick or treat with them, but had to turn back to their home 1/2 way round the crescent.  If I'd had a scooter I could have done the whole outing without pain.  The other side effect is constant tingling and numbness in my fingers and toes. I'm looking into acupuncture for that and I've started taking Pregabalin which is supposed to help.  My legs are swollen and I do squeezes with a leg compressor for that. But these are ongoing side effects and getting worse, including shortness of breath.  However, my mental health IS better - I don't think about the threat of death looming over me often at all.  I ignore it and keep telling my body it's healing every day in every way and just get on with living as best as I can.