clinical trials

i was just wondering if anyone out 5ere has perhaps a good website in understanding clinical trials
alot of women I talkdont really u derstand the ins and outs
is there an advocate around that could help some of us understand them


  • Hello @maryk - you can try this site  - thanks @CurlyHair
    As each province is different as to what may be offered locally, you could discuss with your health care team about what is available.  There is some really good information at the above site and you can search by province. Hope this helps.
  • Thank you Flower Girl 
    I hope the Caylex and avastin works 
    this on going dry hacking cough is getting to me
    whats your p,ands for. Ew Years eve?
    in gonna watch it on the tv
    my fav CNN Anderson cooper is ringing it in New York 
    Happy New Years!!!

  • Hi @maryk .  Welcome to OVdialogue.  @Flowergirl has suggested a great site for further information about clinical trials.  There are a couple of other resources you might like to look at too.  The Ovarian Cancer Canada website has some information and there is a relatively new site called It Starts with Me that is geared to patients and written in lay language to make the topic easy to understand.  Here are these 2 links:

    Another resource for help is the Ovarian Cancer Canada Regional Director in your area. Please feel free to reach out to them too for information and support.

     Here is the link where you can find that person based on where you live in Canada.

    On another note, when you use the "@" symbol in front of someone's name you tag them and then they are notified that someone has mentioned them in a post.  Otherwise, they might miss it.

    Hope you find this information helpful!
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