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Intermittent breast discomfort during treatment cycle

Hello! I’m new to this group but don’t feel like I’m new to ovarian cancer anymore. I was diagnosed Stage 3 in April 2023. Had 3 cycles of pac NAB/carbo pre surgery, surgery done, & am now mid-cycle of my 6 post surg treatments. Everything is responding as it should. I was supposed to have intra-peritoneal chemo but my port was unfortunately a flop so have switched to a yearish maintenance of bevacizumab. Other than a case of COVID at the moment, I feel well & healthy. 
I have the usual chemo side effects…upset stomach, constipation then diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fatigue & oh those aching legs & joints! I go to reflexology before & after treatment & it works wonders. Also a magnesium rub & CBD oil as needed. 
My question is does any one have breast discomfort, much like maybe laying wrong on it, sometime in the chemo cycle & then disappears? I only found a discussion on this once on an American Cancer Society forum. I have it same place every time for the last 3 cycles. Don’t worry, I will be asking my FPO or my oncologist. My chemo brain forgot the last time. I’m 62 yrs old so menopause happened long ago so can’t blame on that. 
Thanks to any of my teal sisters who can add some insight. 🩵


  • Strongwoman
    @leanfries Hello and welcome to the group.  Thank you for your post.  I had only one cycle of chemo 2 yrs ago and am LGSC.  I will leave this to the HGSC ladies to answer.  If no answer is found here, would you be so kind to post what you are told at your next appt?  It may help someone else currently or in the future.
      Where in Canada are you located?
       Sorry to hear you have CoVid.  Are the symptoms mild in nature for you?
      It is a bummer what we go through both pre and post surgery and chemo.  How are you doing with the physical and emotional/mental symptoms? Have you continued with the reflexology now that you are finished?
      So many questions I ask...only to get to know you better.
      If you would like to share, of course.
  • Strongwoman
    @leanfries Good Morning, I am checking in to see if you were able to glean any info on your question you were posing.  If you have, do you mind sharing with the group?  
      How are you doing these days?  Have the CoVid symptoms gone away now?  How has that left you feeling?
  • @Strongwoman
    hello! Sorry for the wait to reply but wanted to get my information first. So I’m in Brandon, Manitoba. My oncology team is located in Winnipeg but we have an amazing & beautiful CancerCare center here in Brandon where I have treatments & am supervised by a family physician trained in oncology. 
    I got over COVID quickly thanks to 3 IV treatments of remdesivir. I think also because I went to emergency as soon as I tested positive & got the ant-viral on board, it lessened symptoms. I was negative in 6 days & symptom free. Everyone was doing their best so I didn’t have to delay my chemo! 
    So I saw my FPO this Monday & had a breast exam. Breast pain is not a usual chemo side effect. She has requisitioned a mammogram as can feel a little,what seems to be,fibroid. I do have a history of breast fibroids - have had one removed previously - & had to have my uterus removed due to them. At this time, there is no sense getting upset with the unknown. 
    We all know you can have more than one cancer but that would be 3 so no thank you. Lol! I have a very small & so far stable, neuroendocrine tumour in the head of my pancreas. Protocol is just monitoring at this time & hope it stays same. Ovarian trumps all for treatment. 
    I’m sorry I can’t give you any more specific medical info about my cancer besides I’m stage 3. Genetics are neg. It’s not that I’m keeping my head in the sand but my approach was it doesn’t matter, I’m beating this no matter what. I know all the pertinent information, the spread, surgical results, etc. & have actually requested all my records for after my last chemo cycle. It’s odd for me because I’m a researcher. My oncologist at my 1st appointment told me they had hope & that’s all I needed. 🩵
    I completed chemo 7 of 9 this Wednesday! 2 more than on a 21 day maintenance cycle for a year. My oncologists say back to work in spring/summer depending on my side effects from the maintenance. I love my job, clients & co-workers so can hardly wait! 
    Thanks for reaching out. Everyone stay strong!

  • Strongwoman
    @leanfries Hello and thank you for your response.  It does sound like you have HGSC.  It may be in your clinical notes/testing that you have requested.  It will help to know for sure though.  That way your research into possible treatment options/clinical trials is more successful.
      Thankful that you were looked at and further testing is being obtained.  I have my fingers crossed that the neuroendocrine tumour stays as it is and maintains its current size.  
      It sounds like you are getting closer and closer to finishing up the chemo cycles.  I bet that will be a relief in many ways.  The 21 day cycle may seem like a breeze in comparison.  It sounds like the glimmer of returning to work next year has you excited and determined.  That is great and a wonderful goal to set.  It will give you incentive (not that you need it) to get to where you want to be.  I, too, (at times) miss my job, colleagues and clients and other times I am very content where I am at.  It will be nice for you to return to work.
      Take care and hope you have a nice weekend.
  • Strongwoman
    @leanfries  Hello!  Welcome to 2024!  By this time, I am hoping you were able to both get the mammogram and the results.  I have my fingers crossed that nothing showed and everything is 'normal'.  I think you should also be done treatment by now if I recall from your last post.  If so, now that it may be a month since finishing, how are you doing with that?  Some can find it difficult and every little sign or symptom can feel alarming until our brains calm down and we can think about it more rationally.  When is your next follow up?  Are you still on track to return to work this spring?  If so, how are you feeling about that?  Still excited to 'get back at it'?   Would love to hear an update if you are willing to share.  Drop a line when you can sometime.  Take care  <3
  • @Strongwoman
    Happy New Year! I thought the other day that I needed to update this convo! 
    I had mammogram & ultrasound & all normal! Thankful for that. The discomfort hasn’t been there for about 2 ½ months so either just a glitch or chemo side effect. 
    I finished chemo Dec 13th. It was hard, long trek to recover. I’ve ended up with severe anemia, high blood sugar & severe neuropathy in hands & feet. BUT no evidence of disease & my CA125 is smack in the middle of normal!!! 🥰 I’m getting more energy everyday. My labs show lots of immature red blood cells present so anemia should improve. On gabapentin & doing acupuncture & reflexology for the neuropathy & monitoring blood sugar. 
    Im now on the maintenance drug, bevacizumab, every 3 weeks until end of August. So I still do labs before & go to CancerCare for this very quick treatment. I know that it’s going to be tough when that ends because used to being so closely monitored. Am pretty sure will be anxious. 
    Going back to work will help! It will all depend on how the neuropathy responds as to when I start back. I walk like I’m inebriated. lol! It will come along. 
    That sounds like a lot, but since January 1st, there’s been a huge improvement & I feel great. Get a bit winded if walk too far but soo much better! 
    I will update you as I go! 🩵
  • Strongwoman
    @leanfries That is wonderful news about your mammogram and ultrasound....thank the .....  <3
    It is one of those things, sometimes we have to endure the side effects as the cure/treatment we are receiving is more important than what any side effects may be.  Sad but true. 
      I am sure anxiety will occur and you have us when you need us. We will all be here for you!
      You will get there and strength will come slowly.  Slow and steady wins the race!  Hang in there!
    Thanks for sharing and updating.
    Don't be a stranger to the group please.
    Take care  <3
  • Strongwoman
    Strongwoman Moderator
    @leanfries Thought I would check in to see how you are doing.  Are you on maintenance therapy still, currently?  NED status still?  Have you returned to work and what is that looking/feeling like for you?  Curious in general to see how you are doing.  If you can send a post and update, I would appreciate it.
    Take care <3
  • @Strongwoman
    Hello! Cheers to spring happening soon.
     I’m still on maintenance & will be until at least August. It’s going well. My neuropathy is still an issue. My feet & finger tips. Am doing reflexology, acupuncture & will be adding physio to the mix. Also am now on gabapentin. I can’t get back to work until that improves unfortunately. My hair is growing back, body is recovering from chemo. The pancreas NET is holding its own with no changes. 
    So keeping on track! Have taken up sourdough bread making & am looking forward to summer & get back in the yard. I’m hoping that I’m back to work in September. 
    Take care everyone! ❤️

  • Strongwoman
    Strongwoman Moderator
    @leanfries Yes, I think everyone is looking forward to spring and all it brings...not the mud but all the good stuff about it.  ;)
    Sounds like from some other ladies that the Gabapentin does help with the neuropathy and I do hope that is the case for you as well.  
    Hair growing back....amazing!  It is fun to watch it return and to see how it comes in and if it returns to the same colour, consistency etc.  
    Glad to hear the NET is holding its own as well.
    Sourdough bread making is something I have been considering making.  Will see what is up with my upcoming appt to determine when I will start the starter.  I am with you on wanting to get outside and get back with the earth and sunshine.  It will feel nice. I am okay if I have to work at it slowly and steady but am determined to do some of it daily.  
    Work in Sept sounds like an achievable goal for you.  I hope it stays the course and you are able to do that.  
    Thank you for the update and sharing with us.
    Take care of you!  <3