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Fibroids and Ovarian Cancer

Hi…not really sure which category best applies to my question, but am trying to find out how common it is for fibroids to develop into ovarian cancer. 

In my case, I don’t think I had fibroids, or if I did at some point, I wasn’t aware or diagnosed with it.  I was diagnosed with Clear Cell OC in January.  Now recovering from surgery and 6 rounds of chemo.

Unfortunately, my daughter had unusually heavy bleeding during her period this month and was sent for an ultrasound.  A 3.5cm fibroid was identified.  Her doctor suggested a “wait and monitor” approach, which my daughter was not comfortable with, given what I went through.  She now has an appointment with a gynecologist – a month from now, barring any Covid delays.

I did have genetic testing done, which was negative for BRCA.  I was so relieved at the time, thinking that my daughter wouldn’t have similar issues.   However, we’re all very anxious now. She was looking forward to starting a family soon. 


  • Hi @Tinazzie
    I too struggle with the categories sometimes.  Maybe this belongs in Health Practices and Well Being?  I guess we need to look at those and ensure they do capture the topics of most relevance. 

    I am sorry to hear of your daughter's diagnosis and her concerns about what that means for her future. I never had fibroids but had a propensity to uterine polyps at least 10 years before the OVC.  Both times I had the polyps they were surgically removed by D&C. And no recurrence after the second round. But I was assured by my oncologist that my polyps had no relationship to my cancer.  

    That said my Mother suffered from uterine fibroids for years and years from her mid twenties onward.  Yet she still gave birth to my half brother in her mid twenties, and then me in mid thirties. In between the fibroids were treated with the occasional D&C when they began to cause symptoms or discomfort. And no, no cancer of any kind for her. She eventually had a partial hysterectomy in her mid to late forties when bleeding became a big issue but kept her ovaries and tubes if I recall. BTW, I remember her telling me she had two fibroids, both the size of grapefruits for years before the hysterectomy. 

    Good that your daughter is seeing a gynecologist and strong to advocate to make that happen.  He/she will be able to provide the right advice for the current situation and answer any questions about longer term prognosis.  
  • Thanks @Fearless - Vol Mod - for your note and sharing yours and your mother's experiences.  My mother too had fibroids and had a hysterectomy in her 40s.  

    Also thanks for the category suggestion.  Perhaps I'll copy or move this to Health Practices and Well Being section as well.
  • @Tinazzie
    Just checking in.  How are you and has your daughter had her gynecologist appointment yet?  Hoping for good news on both fronts BTW  <3
  • Hi....thanks for checking in, @Fearless - Vol Mod.  No update - we're still waiting for her gyne appointment date at St. Michael's. I'm worried that things are going way too slow due to the pandemic, especially in Ontario. 
  • @Tinazzie
    I guess not surprised.  Covid has slowed down things they deem not urgent and I know St Mike's has been swamped this year...LOL, the hospital that supported me and my family up until my cancer diagnosis.  Decrepit as it might seem to some, I loved that place and the quality of medical care there. Do let them know she's available if they have a last minute cancellation...that might accelerate the process.  In the meantime try to put it our of your mind and enjoy the holiday season.  Counting on all good news for you and her in 2021.