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Hello Ladies. I'm new to this site but not new to cancer. I was diagnosed with high grade serous ovarian cancer Stage 4 in January 2018 and have been in remission since January 2019.  Although chemo was difficult, I made it through with flying colours. Surgery was a breeze considering how extensive it was. I feel lucky! I have a very supportive family, especially my husband. Surgeons and oncologists have been amazing. Except for needing naps now and then, I feel fine. But then again, I never had any symptoms until I was diagnosed with Stage 4, where I had ascites, a build up of fluid between my lungs that collapsed my right lung. Having no symptoms worries me somewhat but it has recently been shut out from my mind... my daughter was diagnosed with breast and lymph node cancer Stage 3 in January 2019, so I am a full time care giver (away from my home).  I find it much, much harder being a care giver than having cancer myself. There are many exhausting days when care is needed 24/7. Interesting fact: our cancers are not genetically related. We have good reason to believe that stress, sad to say,  was a strong factor leading to our cancers. We are warrior women now fighting for our lives.


  • @Johnsy, welcome to the group! My mother had breast cancer (passed in 1975) and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January 2016. I had genetic testing done and I do not carry the genes for breast, colon or ovarian cancer. Like yourself, I believe mine was cause primarily due to stress. I finished chemo in July 2016 and almost three years later, I do find that occasionally I'll hit a brick wall and just have to lay down for a while. I don't necessarily sleep, but just closing my eyes in a quiet room helps to recharge the batteries.
    Sorry to hear about your daughter. I have not been a care-giver, but my husband did an incredible job - in fact he's still spoiling me and reminding me to take it easy and don't overdo it. Having said that, I could see the toll it was taking on him. He was on constant alert for anything I might need during the day or night. It was hard to get him to get out and take a break. So don't forget that you are still recovering. Take care of yourself too - I know it's easier said than done.
    Thinking of you and your daughter...true warriors!
  • Johnsy
    Wow I guess things are really normal for me then.   Your husband is a warrior too, it seems.  So is mine.  We are so lucky to have that support.  Interesting that today I just rested. I didn’t know why  I felt the need but it seems it just needs to happen. Thank you for sharing 
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @Johnsy, yes welcome to the site and hope you are getting the rest and support you need as well as your daughter.