Bowel Troubles

I do not know about everyone else but I have trouble with the loo even though my last chemo was in May of this year.  I would not say I am constipated at times but I think I am not getting enough fibre in my diet.  I try but eat frozen veggies and kidney beans and some fruit.  I like to use ground flax in my cereal.  I am starting to use a fibre supplement to see if it helps out.  It cannot hurt from what I understand.  Their tastes are vile though.  


  • Hi CurlyHair,

    I too have issues with my bowels. 
    I have severe adhesions throughout my abdomen and had unsuccessful debulking surgery....they basically just opened, looked,  and closed my abdomen. One biopsy was done. 
    The adhesions and tumors cause a loss of bowel motility so I rely on laxatives and stool softeners to keep my bowel movements on the loose side. 

    I have been on chemo since March 2017 so I do not know if bowel function will improve once I stop  or change chemo.  Some days I am not sure if I need to increase or decrease the dose of bowel meds, or if the cramping and pain is due to chemo side effects or any tumor effects.  
    It is all very frustrating.

    A  consultation with the dietitian at my chemo clinic was very helpful.  She reviewed my diet, and had information on what laxatives and stool softeners might help me.  She  did not recommend any stool bulking agents in my case because of the motility issues.

    Please consider asking for a consult with a dietitian.

    Good luck.

  • I took Senokot regularly during chemo. What about water intake? I'm 7 months post treatment now and don't take anything for bowel issues, but I find that if I drink more water, things move a little better.
  • I definitely get sufficient water JaneWest.  I have always had a bit of a problem even before cancer.  That is just the way my body works.  I think I just get a bit nervous and overreact with the slightest issue.  
  • Thanks @midcanada.  I have spoken to a dietitian regarding my eating before but I may go back regarding fibre.  I wanted to ask if you have contacted your doctors regarding clinical trial options?  There are some new drugs out there for ovarian cancer that are getting some decent commentary from the USA who is always ahead of Canada.  Olaparib, niraparib and a couple others.  If you have not please contact your doctors about them.  Try to get your GP to assist you if you can since they are so hard to understand.  I am not in one right now but have read about them.  Hard to understand. 
  • Thanks  CurlyHair

    I have a CT scan in a few weeks and then a meeting with my doctors to decide what is next.  We will discuss clinical trials.
  • I have irritable bowel syndrome and get constipated easily. I had lots of fun during chemo...and lots of Senokot. I try to eat Bran Buds everyday along with lots of water and it really seems to help.
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