Walk of Hope - Annual Nationwide Event

Hello Everyone - Please join the Walk of Hope event in your area this weekend! It is a fantastic opportunity to connect with a local support group and meet others impacted by ovarian cancer. There are sure to be many hugs and high 5's to those in the Teal T-Shirts! Don't worry if you are not part of a team, everyone is welcome and no one is ever alone there! This can be the space to share your walk day experience and photos. Wishing you all a fantastic day. Thank you to our sponsors and supporters.


  • I'm so excited for my first "Walk" tomorrow.  I have a fantastic support group that are also my co-workers.  I'm so blessed to have these people encouraging me and coming with me tomorrow.  I would say the majority of my fundraising money came from co-workers.  I am also excited to meet other women like me, who had or have ovarian cancer.  They know what I went through.  We have a connection because of our diagnosis.  See everyone tomorrow.  
  • Fantastic photos everyone - it was a wonderful emotional inspiring day!
  • @irishsurvivor - it almost worked out that I was going to be at your walk instead of my local walk this year, maybe next year... my family all lives out in the Oro/Medonte area :smiley:
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    I just want to give an extra shout out and round or applause To whomever designed the survivor shirts. I love mine so much and will wear it with pride beyond the Walk day! 
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