Any Mucinous sisters out here?

A little about me. I'm 34 and had debulking surgery in June 2017. A tumour the size of a catalaupe was removed. Along with my right ovary, (I had a border line tumour removed along with a salpingo-opphorectomy in 2009). Thrown into surgical menopause after June 2017 surgery, thanfully able to take HRT! Pathology came back as Mucinous Carcinoma 1C, grade 1. I'm currently undergoing 6 rounds of adjuvant chemo, (carbo only). I understand there aren't many with the same diagnosis of Mucinous, we're a rare breed. I'm always looking for others to relate to in a similar situation. Thanks! 


  • Hello @sallyL - welcome to the chat and thank you for sharing.  Yes, I love your topic title and I hope once others see it - if there are any with that same diagnosis, they can share here. I'll check in with my in person support group - I recall most are high grade serous, clear cell and uterine. Wishing you a warm welcome to the site and hope you can join us for the live chat on Teal Tuesdays at 7:00 PM CST 
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