New here.. just diagnosed with high grade serous OC. Any Ontario ladies here?

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My name is Shannon.  I’m 40 years old.  I’ve just been given the devastating news that I have high grade serous Fallopian tube / ovarian cancer.  

Im waiting for an appointment with a oncologist to stage this, and put a treatment plan in place.  

Im heading to the London cancer center in London, Ontario.  I’d love to connect with any other people that have been treated there.  My doctor will be Dr. Prefontaine. 

Devastated to be part of the “club”, but very happy to have found this site.  



  • Hello @collegal - sorry you are dealing with this disease and hope you are at least feeling ok today.
    If you were not given a copy of By Your Side, it is an excellent resource  and you can order it here free:
    Will private message you as well.

  • Hi @collegal Sorry to hear your news, and hoping you have an appointment soon so that you can have all your questions answered. I live in Winona, Ontario (near Niagara) and I attend Princess Margaret in Toronto (since 2015)  You are not alone, and your Teal Sisters are here to offer support.  Channeling hugs to you ((())) ☀️🦋

  • Hi @Linda

     Thank you for your words of support. I actually met with my oncologist in London yesterday, and he’s hopefully optimistic that the two tumors contained in my fallopian tube have not spread yet. We have to do a CAT scan, and a debulking surgery to be sure, but because my initial hysterectomy surgery showed no evidence of cancer in my one ovary and uterus, he said theres a great chance it hasn’t spread beyond the pelvic region. I will have to do a round of chemotherapy to get any rogue cells that might be floating around in there, but I took that is great news! Now I just have to get past The scan and next surgery, and I might have a shot at beating this! I feel like I can breathe for the first time in 2 weeks. 
  • Hello @collegal and you have found the right place for support.
    I was diagnosed with stage 1 clear cell in Jan 2016. The tumour had breached and a course of chemotherapy was recommended to get those rogue cells that may have escaped through the breach. The diagnosis and treatment were scary but I made it through - and you will too! We're all rooting for you!

  • Hi @kastoyles, thank you for sharing your story.  I pray mine will turn out just like yours. May I ask .. after your chemo session, did you do any additional follow ups or scans? Do you go annually for a check for recurrence?
  • thanks for sharing @collegal and hoping the best for you!
  • @collegal ; - yes I do have check ups. For the first year I went every three months. Year two - every four months and for the next three years - every six months. I'll be going for my second six month check up in April. So far I'm NED and my CA125 is hovering between 8 and 10.
  • What does “breached” mean?
  • @judek ; - breached means there was a "hole"  or passageway from through the tumour to the outside
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