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  • Hi @Flowergirl I hope you’re well. I got my scan appointment and oncology appointment (same day) in 6 weeks. It’s Dec 11 so I guess not too long to wait.  I’ve been enjoying the sunny day we had today - managed to go for a nice walk with my hubby. Feels nice to do that again (no cane)
  • Hi - doing ok for now - NOv is my followup - yes, the time seems to be going fast - glad you can get it all done at once
    For sure it is nice to get out in the fall weather - good to hear your recovery is going well
  • Hi @Flowergirl Glad to hear you’re doing well. And November is just around the corner. Halloween tomorrow night - we have new neighbours next door and we had to give them a heads up coz we usually get 120 kids.  
  • thanks - wow - I will be lucky to get 50 - they are all grown up now around here
    have a great night
    I have had a busy day - off to read and early to sleep
    Hello @Tara - welcome

  • Hi @Flowergirl Enjoy your read and sweet dreams. Have a great week. 
  • Hi @Tara  How are you this evening ?
  • Hi @Linda I am doing good how about you?
  • Hi @linda and @flowergirl, and other teal sisters. Nice to get your greeting. Yes, we are back from our trip which was superb. I find myself too tired in the evenings to join the group, but hope this will improve with time. Within a month of completing my last chemo, I began my Olaparib treatment (just a week ago), so have to monitor energy. Will add to the the discussion on Lynparza topic as I progress with this new plan. How are you both doing? Linda, are you on any treatment since putting away your surgery and  your last chemo? Still nice here in Ottawa, we are busy frightening children tonight at the front porch! Happy Halloween,
  • Ah! Just read the previous posts, @linda. So you are waiting on a scan. Wishing you best on this, and very glad that you have a trip to Scotland in your sites. Keep well.Type your comment
  • Hi @jsullivan33  Great to hear that your trip was superb.  Hopefully you’re starting to feel a bit better and stronger with your new treatments as well. I’m actually looking forward to my scan Dec 11. I get the scan at 9am then my appointment with oncologist is at 10:30am same day. Never had that before - there’s usually a week in between. So at least I don’t have to wonder or worry for too long after the scan.  We’re finishing our basement so I’m actually able to help with staining trim (I painted some of the walls last week) And I’ve been able to go for walks, gradually a little further each time. My hip muscle is getting stronger so I’m getting faster too. No stopping me now 😊
    keep cozy and keep well. Hugs, Linda 
  • Hi again @jsullivan33 - glad to hear your trip was fantastic and you are into the new routine - wishing you much success with it and hope you gradually start to feel better.
  • Hello everyone - I'm checking in early today - how is everyone doing and what is it that you are in need of or looking for that you can't find... resources, support etc?
  • Our local in person support group is having an event tonight. I'll be attending a "laughter therapy session" this evening and will miss our scheduled chat time. For certain I'll post the details here when I can over the next few days.
  • I am also curious - has anyone attended the Look Good - Feel Better program offered in your area and what is your experience with it? Did you local cancer centre offer it? 
    You can find out more here if you haven't heard of it.
  • Hi @FlowerGirl. I attended a Look Good Feel Better evening early on in my first treatment. It was held at my local Cancer Support Centre. I found the makeup portion helpful - I draw a wicked good eyebrow now! The wig portion of the evening was informative but as I chose to be bald and beautiful it was not personally applicable. 
    The title of the program is so appropriate though, don’t you think? I know that when I look good I feel better. And I use all the tools at my disposal to make that happen. 
  • Hello ladies !  Hope you are all keeping well ! And hope you’re managing to keep cozy.
  • hello everyone - thanks @UnPickNot - great to hear!
    Hello @Linda - staying warm tonight for sure.
    Last week I attended the Laughing Yoga session- it was interesting
    The take away is that your body doesn't know if the laughter is real or fake- so fake it until you make it and hope you get to ha ha ha, ho ho ho...hee hee hee all day long!
  • Hi @Flowergirl Glad to hear you’re keeping cozy. The Laughing Yoga sounds very interesting. And they do say laughter is the best medicine.  I’ve been busy helping my hubby in the basement. He’s almost finished installing the floor. I’m painting the new doors that we bought. So I’m his apprentice and I’m having fun because I’m walking now. Trying not to think too much about my next scan Dec 11. Less than a month now.
  • Great to hear @Linda - same here - keeping busy doing "stuff" too!
  • Hi @Flowergirl My hubby and I are just about to start watching a movie (and he made popcorn) so I can’t say No 😁 Keep well and have a great week 🦋
  • sound s great -enjoy -  me too!
  • Hello ladies ! How is everyone this evening ? 
  • Hi - Good evening - doing ok - I'm on an off the site tonight - today is our region's town hall for Ovarian Cancer Canada!
    Have you joined in your region?
    IT is like a webinar!
  • Hi @Flowergirl Glad to hear you’re doing well. Me too. Our Town Hall in Ontario is next Thursday and I’m participating. I think there may be a Webinar tomorrow also, on medical cannabis.
  • ‘Evening, teal sisters, it’s 8pm here and I am a bit tired, so will give good thoughts to you  before I nod off with the documentary we’re watching. Ottawa’s got snow and cold, but still good to get out for walks. I am trying to find ways to keep moving these days, as the experience of taking  olaparib is being on “chemo-lite” 24/7. Well, cheers to all, looking forward to tomorrow’s webinar on medical cannibis🔥...
  • Thanks for stopping in @jsullivan33 - wishing you much rest.
    Yes, @Linda - that webinar sounds interesting.
  • Wow - 428 women are registered on this OVdialogue online chat  - thank you everyone for participating!
  • Hi @jsullivan33   Glad you’re resting and I’m swinging healing vibes your way.  Glad you’re able to get out for some fresh air. We actually got our first snow last week - I’m convinced that I’m allergic to winter. Stay cosy and rest well. (((Hugs)))
  • Hi @Flowergirl Wow! That’s amazing ! Hello everyone 👋
  • good night everyone - catch you next week - stay warm and wishing you well!