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Teal Tuesdays - Live Online Chat! (Discontinued indefinitely)



  • Hello everyone - welcome to @Nancy1, @TealSister @Lesley66 @Cindy5593
  • Hello everyone! Sorry I miss d last week’s chat. I was off the grid again enjoying summer with my hubby Leo.  Hope you are all doing well.
  • Hi @Linda - good to hear you had some R & R - summer is sure winding down. How are you feeling?
  • Thanks 

  • Hi @Flowergirl I’m feeling pretty good thanks. It’s amazing how my mind works. I’ve been able to enjoy most days basically ignoring that shadow that always lurks there.  However, The strangest thing happened to me (back in April) when I was getting chemo. The nurse hooking me up noticed a lump on the palm of my right hand. She flipped my hand over and we watched this lump appear. It was so weird. Anyway, long story short, I’ve had an ultrasound and then an MRI on my right hand. The result was a lipoma (lump) involving the nerve that controls my pinkie. Since then, the dexterity of my right hand has become weak and yes - I’m right handed. I’m going to see a Hand Surgeon who is part of the Plastic Surgery Dept on Sept 7. Hoping it’s a quick fix. I really didn’t want to face anything else.  Has anyone ever heard of this happening? My oncologist is not sure that chemo caused it. But really - what else would cause it?!  
  • Here is hoping that gets fixed up for you @Linda.. my goodness, you are right about not needing anything else.
    Good to hear that you are feeling ok otherwise.
  • Thanks @Flowergirl How are you feeling?
  • Doing ok, thanks much... trying to squish that old Anxiety out of the way every now and then.
    It is all about using those tools to cope, grateful for all the resources.
    Our inperson support groups start back up in September and everyone is looking forward to the walk.
  • So, what is everyone looking forward to the most in September? The wonderful trees changing their leaves, the cooler weather and warm socks!, harvest from MotherEarth?
  • good night everyone - wishing you all a great upcoming long weekend
    See you back here in Tuesday September 4 at 7:00 PMCST 
    as well as wound the site!
  • around the site!
  • Hi everyone 😊
  • Hello sisters - wishing you all a great long weekend!  Soak up the sunshine ☀️ and enjoy your time with family and friends. I have my Teal clothes picked out for Sept 7. In September and October I’m always amazed by the splendour of the changing leaves 🍁 and sweaters and homemade soup (yummy) Hugs to you all 🤗
  • Hi @Linda - thanks much - sending hugs and best wishes to everyone as well - we are getting ready for Teal Day and the walk here on the Prairies!
    And yes, looking forward to those great evenings of soup from the summer harvest . Anyone tired of zucchini yet?
  • Hello lovely ladies ! How is everyone this evening?
  • Thanks @Flowergirl  I just made a batch of tomato soup from our harvest of tomatoes. They all ripened around the same time so soup was the easiest option. Getting tired of cucumbers (won’t plant as many next time)  Gettng ready for Friday Teal Day (outfit selected) and I see my Hand Dr on Friday in Toronto. 
  • How are you feeling @Flowergirl
  • Hi - that all sounds yummy - today was beet and cucumber day for us !!!
    Feeling ok thanks - wishing you the best for Friday!
  • Thanks @Flowergirl Love beets (maybe try them next season)  ! I’ll be thinking of everyone on Friday!  Have to dash so I’ll sign off for now.  Hugs everyone 🤗☀️🌸🦋
  • Thanks @Linda!

    Thanks also @Nancy1 for popping into the chat tonight.

    I'm off now as well - wishing you all a fantastic wear Teal day and Walk of Hope event.
    Just like the shirt says "No woman walks alone"! Will be thinking of you all and sending positive vibes your way!
    See you back here next Tuesday September 11 at 7:00PM CST 
  • Hi all sorry I really need to set a reminder for Tuesday chat lol!
    @Flowergirl do you make borscht? That’s about the only way I eat beets and I have a good Ukrainian mama who makes the best borscht!
    Speaking of anxiety do you feel like the cool temps and shorter days affect your mood specifically cancer related anxieties?
  • Hi @terrylee - yes borscht is was and very good!
    these shorter days and change of season were bothersome the last few years... so far this time it has not impacted the mood yet; it may be because there is too much on the calendar for this month so far... feels like the days are just a whirlwind for back to routine activities and events ... wishing you a great rest of the week
    catch you next time 
  • Hello everyone - hope you all had a great Walk of Hope Day!
    Looking forward to connecting with you here tonight Tuesday Sept 11 at 7:00 PM CST 
  • Good evening - I have unexpected guests pop in - I'll check back in soon

  • HI @jsullivan33 - how was your weekend?

  • Hello teal sisters, perhaps it is late? it is just after 9pm here in Ottawa. Wishing you good thoughts, and wondering how @flowergirl and @linda are doing ? I am still in my 2nd course of chemo treatment, last cycle is later this month, so am beginning to experience that "drag-down" feeling I had with the first course of chemo. But the outdoor walks always help. would like to ask Flower girl about her first couple of months with Olaparib? I will begin this drug next month. Cheers
  • hi - wishing you all the best as you finish with the chemo..I found it really does tire you and hoping once you have the last treatment and move on, your body will start to feel a bit better.
  • doing ok on the Olaparib so far.. you may want to look at the Lynparza/Olaparib topic to see other experiences
    Wishing you the best possible!
  • yes, I m hopeful that the three week BREAK I will take between this current chemo and the initiation of the Olaparib will be enough to restore strength. My husband and I have planned a trip for the interval. 'Looking forward to having that vital space between these "walls"  of treatment. Have a good week!
  • Great to hear @jsullivan33 -enjoy that trip!
    Good evening everyone - how are you doing and are you into this fall weather yet?
    As the temps drop, must clear the garden.
    Still collecting photos from the walk weekend - I hope you all had a fantastic event and thank you for sharing those photos .