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OVdialogue – consider joining our team in the role of Peer Support Volunteer. Over a few hours each week, you would be part of a team that helps connect people, support conversations and are thought leaders for OVdialogue. This is your opportunity to give back to those who have/continue to support you through the tough times, share your unique experiences, and help celebrate successes. For more details of what this entails, please reach out to @Mfallis ([email protected]).

Teal Tuesdays - Live Online Chat! (Discontinued indefinitely)



  • Sorry I won't be making many teal Tuesday chats I started doing Aquafit yesterday. 
  • Hi @terrylee - thanks for the update - enjoy your class.
    As always, chat is open 24/7 so we will catch everyone when you can join us.
    Our next live chat is Tuesday June 19th at 7:00 PM CST 
  • Good evening everyone - how are you all doing?
    It is a fabulous day out today - great weather and the sunshine always helps with the mood.
    I have been busy trying to locate and confirm places in my city that will light their landmark Teal in September in support of OCC. Did you know that Sept 7 is Wear Teal Day and the annual walk is fast approaching?

  • Hi @Flowergirl and everyone !! Hope you are all well!  I didn’t know about September 7 - sounds great! Thanks !
  • hello @Linda - doing ok
    If you want to see what is happening in your province or across the country, from the main site

  • how are you doing with your hip recovery?
  • It’s been a beautiful day out there today. The sunshine makes the birds sound louder and it’s lovely.  My new hip is starting to feel good. Physio is going well and I no longer need my walker. I’m able to walk (still with some pain) with my cane.  I’m hoping that I will eventually have no pain and I can leave my cane aside. 
  • that is great news with your hip recovery!
    Hello @CurlyHair - how are you tonight?

  • Thanks for the link @Flowergirl I’ll check it out.
  • You are welcome- yes it is good to check frequently as it is always updating when new events are added!
  • I'm going to step away for a few minutes - catch you back on the site throughout the evening

  • Me too actually - putting the kettle on for a camomile tea and hubby wants to start a movie 🍿 
  • enjoy your movie and tea!
    I'm off for a walkabout the neighborhood

  • Hello sisters ! I hope everyone is doing well. I may not be online tonight as we have visitors coming over. But I’ll try to check in later or tomorrow. Have a great week, and Happy Canada Day! Hugs, Linda 
  • Hi @Linda and @jsullivan33 @lakelady3 - good evening - hope everyone is doing well.
    I am off to my last class so I will check back again tonight.
    How is everyone managing and what is on your mind this evening?
    This afternoon I attended an in person support workshop led by the psycho-social support team at our cancer centre.
    We talked about anxiety and fears and how it is important to use what is in your "tool box" to help you cope.
    Thoughts to share on what works for you?
  • Hi everyone....shorn64 first time chatting. Struggling with dark thoughts...fear of recurrence...
  • Hello ladies @linda, @flowergirl and @lakelady3, and others on the teale tuesday chat. Glad to see that Linda has undergone a much needed surgery and is enjoying her summer. I am 4 months post-chemo and debulking  today, and finally feeling better. What a long time it took. Getting out for walks on the Rideau River and doing my yoga, hanging out with my family. Lots of services to support me at the Ottawa Cancer Foundation, so have to say that life is good, despite my recent recurrence (for which I am still asymptomatic). In light of the unsatisfactory experience I had with my oncologist when  my recurrence was identified last month, I have made an appt. with the director of clinical trials here in Ottawa. I am told that there are still some options to discuss, despite my platinum resistance. So am raising a glass right now to all of you, wishing you a magical summer evening. and a happy Canada Day this weekend.

  • Hi @jsullivan33 - glad to hear you are doing well and that there are options for you. Wishing you the best at that appointment with the trials. 

    Welcome @Shorn64 - thank you for joining us.... This is the place for support and we invite you to check out the various topics around the site. There are lots of pages on a variety of issues and supports....we hope you find some comfort here. I'll also private message you. 
  • Hello everyone - hope you had a fantastic holiday weekend!
    Looking forward to our chat tonight at 7:00 PM CST 
    What is on your mind? How are you doing? Which supports do find you still need?
  • What time does it start, I finally remembered!

    I had my first follow up today...ca125 is 12 and I got an all clear from the Dr. Cancer free baby!!😊
  • Hello @KarenMari53 - that is fantastic news - so happy for you! How are you celebrating?

  • Hi @Flowergirl and hi @KarenMari53 - that’s the BEST news - Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  • hello @Linda - how are you this evening - hip recovery going well ?
  • Doing really good - recovery going well. Physio underway, painful but worth it! Managed a tiny break from physio and had 5 days at our cottage for a wee bit of respite. What a tonic ! 
    CT scan for oncology is in 3 weeks and I face the music in 4 weeks. Having a break from it has been good but starting to get a little anxious about the scan (especially at 2am in the dark) - any tips ? 
  • Good to hear that part is going well. Ah, yes, the scanxiety - we can relate! Agreed, it is good to have a break and focus on other things to try and keep in good spirits. And yes, it is good to address the anxiety as well - my support team suggests a little attention to it during the day (or when it comes up) so it stays away in the evening.. I find it takes much practice! Nature and artwork seems to help me through...

  • It is a beautiful summer night and I am thinking everyone is outside - so I'm off to enjoy the last bit of sunshine also.
    I'll check back in after dark and see if more of you are around.
  • Thanks @Flowergirl - I’ll start talking about it during the day (haven’t been doing that). 
    Enjoy this glorious weather ☀️
  • Wishing you all the best @Linda - will be thinking of you.
    Thank you- the summer weather is fantastic so far. Good night everyone - see you next Tuesday
  • Hi @Linda and @Flowergirl....thank you. I celebrated with a Mikes hard cranberry lemonade and ice cream with caramel sauce for dinner. It was soooo hot! 
    I am still on cloud 9....when I got the paper with my ca125 #, I cried. So much anxiety with these tests. Will be thinking of you Linda. 

  • Hello everyone - hope you are doing well and enjoying sunshine wherever you are! 
    We will be on chat for a short time tonight at 7:00 PMCST  if you are around to join us.
    If you can't make it - pop in here anytime and post to say hello - we will catch up with you later.