Radiation Side effects

Hello ladies...I was wondering if anyone else has had radiation as part of their treatment. I have some enlarged lymph nodes in my neck close to my esophagus and also some tissue growth on my right chest wall. I had 5 treatments of radiation that concluded last Monday. My throat is so sore!! I'm finding it harder and harder to swallow. My mouth is full of sores as well which makes it painful to eat. My doctor ordered some "magic mouthwash" which is helping with the sores but not the pain. My right side is also painful and my skin in both areas are red and tender. I'm on hydromorphone and they did increase the dose to help with pain. Any suggestions to relieve some of these symptoms?? Did you find this treatment worked? I have noticed the lymph nodes are smaller and I understand that radiation keeps working for about 2 months after last treatment. Thanks for your input and I hope everyone is doing well ☺


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