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  • @Strongwoman. Good I did not offend you. I just discovered that my father’s family all came from the workhouse in Shoreditch, London. A source of extreme shame to my grandparents to the extent that they never spoke about it. My mother’s family also came from abject poverty but used it as a source of great pride “ look how far we’ve come!” And far they did go, doctors, PHD’s, professional musicians, artists, and all with a great sense of humour and family. Knowing about the workhouse explains so much to me now, but I wish I had known sooner.
  • @Hooodith I called 811 and after being on hold for over 2 hrs i explained my situation, that I most certainly was exposed over the past 2 days. My husband was coughing the past 2 days but we thought it was his asthma. Luckily I slept in a different room as he was up late on the computer. 

    Anywho I said I have zero symptoms for now and tested negative for now.. I've been monitoring my temp every 8 hrs and checking my oxygen levels.

    She told me to continue doing this for now and if I develop fever to go to ER right away which I was told when I started chemo.  I will call my drs office tomorrow and speak with the nurse. Maybe they will have me come in for bloodwork.

    Thanks for your concern, I ll keep you updated
  • Strongwoman
    @melissa It sounds like @Hooodith had some great advice in which you followed through with some.  I am thankful that as of your post you have remained symptom free and have tested negative thus far Also great that you are following up with your doctor. There is a drug called Paxlovid which may be prescribed to you should you test positive.  Always good to know its there if needed. I know I felt better when my pharmacist told me about when my sons had CoVid.  Thankfully I didn't require it.
    Fingers crossed the same will work out for you. Hang in there.  Here's hoping you remain safe and don't get it and that your husband recovers quickly.  <3
  • Strongwoman
    Good Afternoon The weather here in Ontario this week brought in a Colorado Low and subsequent snow and blowing for a couple of days. Some areas were harder hit than others. Today we find ourselves with warmer temps, some wind and beautiful sunshine.  I took my gf's baby for a little walk in the stroller and it was fresh.
      Conversations have been flowing this week and a variety of topics and/or updates.  We all sit in different places as to how we feel on any given day, treatments and prognosis/outcomes.  What we all do have in common is the understanding of what someone else might be going through and the empathy we feel. I am thankful that this community exists for us all and is a safe space to vent and feel supported on our journeys.
       Teal Sisters....what is on your mind today.
  • @Strongwoman here in Montreal it's been pretty windy the past 2 days. I haven't gone out yet but it seems mild. I spoke with the nurse from my cancer center and she told me not to worry, just to continue to monitor myself. So far still no fever or symptoms. Only symptom I have today is couch potato.

    I have my end of chemo CT scan at 8pm! What a time, but at least no traffic and easy parking.
    @JoanEG how are you feeling 3 days post chemo?
  • Strongwoman
    That must make you feel better about it all @melissa.  Does it?  Some confidence in knowing what you are doing is the right thing.   So happy to hear you are still symptom free.
    Couch potato is so nice some days.....
    That is a nice time and in my experience they are usually on time or sometimes ahead of time.

    How are you doing @JoanEG?  How are you feeling these days @Hooodith
  • @Strongwoman I feel better after 3 nurses telling me the same thing. You are right about the time for the scan. I just know that by the time I need to go I'm going to have to peel myself off the couch lol. @Hooodith I hope you are headache free today
  • Strongwoman
    I am so glad it has eased your mind and you feel re-assured.  
    One time I had a scan at 10pm and that was tough!  First I had to stay awake and luckily my youngest son came with me to keep me company.  I am one of those people now that it takes me a lot to go out again after I am comfy inside.  Unless of course, I have planned something and napped before hand. ;)

  • Strongwoman
    Tomorrow I am off with my other gf and we are headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We are seeing a Shaw Festival production called Brigadoon, checking into the Pillar & Post, then dinner which is followed by the first evening of their candlelit walk around the town.  The following day is breakie, pools etc, spa and then headed home.  We have been friends for awhile now but our first night away together.  Should be fun.  I think she is going home to getting the tree with hubby and son on the Sunday.  How fun!
    I am looking forward to being away from the norm and experiencing something different.
  • That sounds like a lot of fun! I've never been to Niagara on the lake or falls. Pools and spa sound great right about now enjoy yourself. Also. I see that you are now a moderator! Congrats and well deserved 
  • Strongwoman
    Thank you @melissa 
    I have never been there either.  Will be fun for sure!
  • Good morning everyone!  Here in the Cowichan Valley it is a kind of grey drizzly day.  We have had a very dry November so some rain is welcome.  I'm feeling good 3 days post chemo other than aches in my knees, lol.  I'm adjusting to looking in the mirror and seeing someone with no hair looking back at me.  Thanks for asking @melissa and @Strongwoman.
    I'm so glad you are still symptom free @melissa and I hope your hubby is on the mend.
    @Strongwoman it sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned!  A spa sounds heavenly right now!
  • Strongwoman
    Yes, it does take some getting used to @JoanEG The hardest for me was the coolness on my neck and the wind on my head.  I don't think I ever got used to it.
    Thank you and I plan on it!
  • @Strongwoman. So happy to hear about your fun weekend. I hope it is wonderful . Spending time with good friends usually is uplifting. My headache has gone and I am hoping will stay gone. I am very tired, and a bit groggy, I have been sleeping a lot, which is normal for this stage p.c. ( post chemo ) and I have a tummy ache which I think is the dex. Its good in some ways but not others. As Joan said, its dull and overcast here on the coast, typical November. I doubt I will get out of bed today. I have no energy to do much at all. 
    @melissa. Glad you are being monitored and I would hate a 10 pm CT scan as we would not be able to catch the last ferry. @JoanEG. You are braver than me. I never went outside without a head covering. For a long time all I wore were those chemo caps. I am glad you are feeling good after your chemo. 
  • @Hooodith I’m glad your headache is gone.  I’m a little tired today and I also will not go out without a head covering it’s too damn cold!!  
  • @Hooodith so here’s me pretending to be “all good”.  I just finished typing my previous message and had to run to the bathroom and vomit.  WTH did that come from, ugh.  🥴
  • Strongwoman
    Wish I could insert the hand to the face emoji right here @Hooodith 😕 
    Seems the way eh?  Oh ya I am feeling great then something hits out of left field.  Hoping that was an isolated incident and there will be no more vomiting tonight.  
      Here is to some rest for you and to feeling better tomorrow.
  • Strongwoman
    @JoanEG I meant to insert your name in the last message.
    Hope you are resting and that the vomiting has ceased.  Rest and get some sleep.
    May tomorrow bring a better day with less side effects.
  • @Strongwoman thank you.  I’m curled up on the couch with my blanket and my dogs.  Drinking Gatorade.
  • Strongwoman
    Good.  I am happy to hear you are resting and hydrating @JoanEG
  • @JoanEG sorry you threw up, nausea sucks. A little trick I've heard of nurses using in the hospital is.... And it's going to sound weird.. but sniffing alcohol pads. Like the little tiny pads used to clean the skin before blood work. People swear by it. But I have no personal experience
  • Wow interesting.  Thanks @melissa not that I have any, lol.  I will get some and try it.
  • Waiting to do my CT scan and they gave me this lovely drink... Not!!! It tastes pretty bad and I'm pretty sure I have 2 more to drink. Don't I look lovely with no eyebrows? I was dreading them falling out. Oh well they will grow back. 

  • @JoanEG I thought to myself afterwards.. what if she doesn't have any? It's not a common household item lol!
  • @melissa you look lovely!  Are hose bullet holes in the wall behind you? 😳
  • @JoanEG lmao!! I know right? And believe it or not I'm at the fancy hospital with all the money  : )
  • @melissa where is that?  Unbelievable!
  • @JoanEG I'm in Montreal at " the Jewish general hospital" it gets tons of private donations/funding
  • Strongwoman
    @melissa No eyebrows...I recall that as well. I had people coming to me and asking me if I was going to get them micro bladed. I couldn't have imagined doing that and then have hair grow in a different colour.
    Hair, no hair, you/we as a whole look amazing especially when you look at what our bodies are going through.
      I can't believe there are holes like that in the hospital. Interesting also that you have to drink a contrast for CT scan. Last year or possibly earlier this year (my mind can't recall exactly) they stopped doing that here in Ontario.  We have to drink a ton of water before and thankfully we are allowed to urinate but no contrast.  So odd how it's not universal and can vary.
  • @Strongwoman Im on drink #3 apparently it's to illuminate the intestines. Plus then iodine injection at moment of test. Yea, things should be universal but Quebec likes to do things backwards sometimes.