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  • Good night everyone - wishing you all a good rest tonight.... hope to see you again around the site and then back here on Tuesday JAN 23 @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • All the best tomorrow KarenMari53
  • Hello everyone - hope to connect with you all tonight - I'll have limited access to the internet and will try to connect.
    Hope to chat with you around @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • Hello there.

  • Hi @red1976, hello @midcanada and good evening @Falcons and @KarenMari53 and everyone else.
    How is everyone and what was "awesome" for you today?
    I was able to go skating! @jemgirljeri
  • Good evening ladies
  • Hi @terrylee - thank you everyone for stopping in tonight.
  • Skating....I haven't gotten yet this year. I was hoping the Red River skating trail would of been open when I was in Winnipeg last but I missed it by 2 weeks! Want to strap on my snowshoes but we had some mild weather last week and now everything is just solid ice. I never say this but we need more snow lol
  • My awesome is that I'm now 2 down 6 to go for my chemo sessions! 
  • Agreed @terrylee... snow we can handle - at least it would be fun. It is the cold we can all do without!
    That is great @red1976 - I found it was nice to count them down - the sessions, like checking off the dates!
  • Hi @Kitty - thank you for joining us tonight!
  • My awesome day involved shopping/browsing with a friend followed by a lovely lunch  with our spouses in a very nice restaurant.  A day of shallow pleasures!  My treat day before chemo on Thursday.

  • That sounds fantastic and relaxing @midcanada... yes, I like that idea - treat day before chemo!
  • Late here in NS. Signing off. Nite everyone!!
  • good night @red1976
  • It was fun @Flowergirl......

    And a lovely very early morning walk in the cold....quiet, with crunchy snow underfoot.  It has been warmer than my morning walk cutoff temperature of -20C the last few days.  I really miss my walks when it's too's almost a contemplative zen-like experience for me.....the town is still dark and all buttoned up.  And I really work up an appetite for breakfast!
  • Hi @Tricia415 - thank you for joining us! How are you tonight?

  • Good night @red1976.  I love NS!
  • I hope everyone here is managing  the dark and cold as well as whatever treatment challenges they are facing.
    Good night.
  • good night everyone - well said @midcanada.... taking it one day at a time and lots of self care when you need it.
    Hope to see you all back here again on Tuesday January 30 @ 7:00 PM CST  and around the site!
  • Hi @Luci22 and everyone - hope you can join the live chat on Tuesday January 30 @ 7:00 PM CST
  • Good evening everyone! Hello @Kitty - how are you today?
  • It is a cold quiet night - and a hockey night, too!
    Good night everyone - "see" you around the chat - I hope everyone is staying warm and doing well.
    Our next chat is Tuesday February 06 @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • Hello all.

    It's a very blustery and cold evening here on the Prairies.
  • How are you both doing?  
    I am finding the hand and foot syndrome along with the peripheral neuropathy I am experiencing with my current treatment a bit trying.  

  • Hi @Flowergirl
    Thanks for your concern. I’m doing very well...I feel back to my pre-chemo/surgery self.  We’ve had a ton of rain here in Metro Vancouver and my brother’s home in White Rock was affected...their whole backyard went down into the condos below them. He was on the news tonight...
  • Hi @midcanada I'm doing ok tonight - thanks.
    Sorry to hear about your bothersome neuropathy. If it helps, I found a gentle massage on the feet and a  foot soak in warm water helped to ease my pain when it was really bad. As always, be sure to communicate to your health care team as they will want to monitor the degree of difficulty you are having.

    Hi @Kitty - I'm glad to hear you are :) doing well. That is terrible news about the water damage - sorry about that and I hope everyone is ok. 

    We've got a fire going in the fireplace tonight - crazy weather!

  • Good evening everyone - I'm saying hello early - off to Hockey tonight - I'll check back in later.
    Hope everyone is doing well
    What have you been up to that is fun and getting you through winter?
  • Hello again - quiet night - hockey was good - makes winter enjoyable!
    Looking forward to our chat again next Tuesday, February 13th @ 7:00 PM CST  - hope you can join us.