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The Journey

Hi, I am new to this site but not new to Ovarian Cancer. I was diagnosed in Dec 2015 with Stage 111C  high grade serous adenocarcinoma of ovary/fallopian tubes, invasive to cervix, vagina and rectum, at age 64. I started having symptons in Oct 2015, very tired, sore back and distended abdomen.I went to my family Dr., and was told to take GasX. He did schedule me for a colonoscopy.  I had had one a few years before so I knew what to expect, but this time it was horrendous just taking the lovely orange drink the night before. I laid on the bathroom floor vomiting. Well needless to say the procedure was a bust, because I had a bowel blockage. This blockage is what saved me and my numerous trips to Emergency insisting I knew there was something wrong. The  surgeon here wanted me to go into Hospice care, but thank heavens for my husband and children who insisted he get on the phone and get me to a cancer center and an OVGynycologist.  I was ambulanced to Winnipeg Health Science Centre, operated on Jan 2016. Total ,abdominal hysterectomy-bilateraly salpingo-oophorectomy, with supracolic and infracolic omentectomy. resection of lesser omentum, appendectomy, with pertoneal stripping and rectosigmoid resection.  Recovery was interesting, and I started aggressive weekly chemotherapy in early Feb. 2016, 16 weeks of Dose dense Carboplatin/Taxol. Thank goodness I never had to miss a session, even travelling from Kenora On., to Winnipeg every week . The people at Cancer Care Manitoba are amazing . There is light at the end of the tunnel, I have been in remission since June 7th 2016. I feel normal and am enjoying my life. Chemo was not pleasant but very doable and worth every minute of it. I still have my port in and get it flushed every month, and have 3 month check ups.


  • Flowergirl
    Hello @lakelady3 - thank you for sharing your story - I find it hopeful and inspiring! Welcome and I hope you will find some great support here. You mentioned your interesting recovery - curious how you managed through all that - it took me months to recover from mine.  

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    and everyone else on the site, too!
  • I finished chemo on June 7th, so summer was ahead of me. I went swimming in the lake everyday. It was good for the soul and the body. Also when I was going through chemo, I gave myself a goal everyday. At first the goals were small, like make the bed, and took a long time to acomplish, but they started getting bigger, and easier for me to finish. I still have the odd off day, but I just give myself a pep talk and get on with it. I have so much to live for, a 3 year old granddaughter and a new one on the way. Friends and family are my greatest support.
  • You are inspirational. Thank you for sharing!!
  • Flowergirl
    I like that @lakelady3 - setting the goals to get you through - thanks! On a related note, I saw some interesting idea on a message board from a friend... I've decide to a grateful or "a great things jar" - you can write down anything that happened that was good and put it in a jar - you can read them again and reflect at the end of the year or on a special day... helps with the memories, track events and focus on celebrating. We are only at JAN 2 so I am starting today - already had a good lunch/shopping date today!