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Hair loss and hats.

Round 10 of Carbo/Taxol  with the new addition of Avastin for rounds 10, 11 and 12 has resulted in almost total hair loss today.  I didn't totally lose my hair during cycles 1 to 9 and I used summer straw -type hats when needed.

I made myself four slouchy beanie hats's really cold here in Manitoba and I need them!   I have warm outdoor wool hats but I needed indoor light weight hats.
I don't like the wrapped and tied head-wrap style as they never stay done up.

This  free pattern is very fast and easy for any of our sewing members.

Hope this helps someone.


  • Flowergirl
    thanks for that pattern link @midcanada... I found any type of covering made with Bamboo rather than the polyester worked well for temperature control.... also, if you have access to the Guardian Angel rooms where you can get hats and wigs, you can ask for a night cap - it is a light weigh breathable beanie style that worked very well for me.
  • Hi @midcanada thanks for sharing this tip.  I'm sure a lot of women will appreciate it.  Stay warm!
  • I found this great website where you can order hats, scarves etc. and best of all - fringes that you can add to the hats so that it looks quite natural. Their scarves are quite voluminous and don't look like typical cancer coverings. When I go to dinner parties etc. I wear a wig. I also bought a partial wig that's very cheap (just on the side, not the top) that you can wear under a hat. I actually had some fun changing 'hairstyles'

  • Flowergirl
    That is a great site - thanks! I found wearing anything with made with the bamboo fibers allowed your head/scalp to breathe well. ( did not retain the heat, so no making you sweat and itch like some of the polyester types)