Chemo delayed due to low neutrophils

I did not see it as a topic yet and I just wanted to see if this has happened to others.
After surgery, my Doctor recommended 6 rounds of chemo every 3weeks (I am taking 1 drug - Carboplatin). I have had 2 rounds of chemo, October 11/17 and then it was suppose to be November 2/17 but my neutrophil count was 0.9 on October 31 and so it was delayed til November 9/17 as my count went up to 1.70.  My next blood test on November 28/17 and the neutrophils were low and also again on December 5/17. Today the blood test is still a bit low but he said I can go ahead and have my 3rd chemo tomorrow. How common is it to have chemo delayed to low neutrophils?
I feel well and on the advice of my naturopath I have been receiving high dose vitamin C IV with the first one being November 13/17. 
Tomorrow, my dose is to be reduced by 10% and the cycle goes to every 4 weeks.
Will this be an ongoing issue and will it take longer and longer for the counts to go back up? I heard exercise may help.
Thanks to all.


  • Hello @kittycat I just wanted to let you know that yes it can occur.  I had my blood checked before every chemo and a few times it had to be delayed due to low blood counts.  From what I understand the low count can increase your chance of infection.  Good luck.
  • Hi Curly Hair,  did you make it through your treatments without developing an infection?
  • Yes I actually have never had an infection.  I only had a minor cold once at the time of surgery.  My immune system has held up pretty well so far during treatments.  
  • Thanks.  Maybe the same will be true for me.  I’ll try not to worry.
  • Hello @kittycat - yes, also had one treatment rescheduled due to the levels. It is good that all is being monitored.
  • I also had a treatment delayed for low neutrophils, and then the week before my last treatment I developed a PICC line infection.  I had IV antibiotics for 10 days which delayed my last treatment some more.  I thought it would never end.
     But I got through it - at the last treatment I hugged my chemo nurse, and sang all the way home, I was so happy it was finally over.  Hang in there, and just take it one day at a time.

     The triage nurses at my local hospital were incredibly kind and supportive when it came to helping me with the IV antibiotics.  Just that made the ordeal so much easier.

  • I was on cycles of carboplatin and one of my most serious complications was low blood counts. I would have my blood taken two days before I was booked to have chemotherapy and a couple of times the cancer centre called to reschedule my appointment. They had received my test results and my blood counts were too low to safely administer more carboplatin. 

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