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Hey everyone. For the last month and a half I've been experiencing some pressure and almost a "pulling" feeling on the right side of my abdomen but no pain. At times, especially when I'm laying down, I can feel pressure pushing into my ribs. I'm 15 months post op and had a bikini incision with a hemovac drain in my right lower abdomen/pelvis. Had my 6 month check up with my nurse practitioner and she examined the you know what out of my belly and couldn't feel any masses or anything suspicious. She's suspects possibly some scar tissue. She's going to confer with my oncologist but I'll likely have an abdominal ultrasound or CT in the new year. I had a transvaginal US in September which was normal. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?


  • Hello @terrylee.... yes it is good you were able to chat with the NP and discuss the pressure in the abdomen. Although I did not have a drain, I did have a large/long vertical incision and have a lot of internal scar tissue or keloid scarring, as the NP indicated.  For me, sometimes, everything feels like bumps and lumps because it was not so prior to the diagnosis. Post surgery and treatment, it took me a while for body and mind to determine the so called new normal. The suggestion I can offer is perhaps keep track of how many times you feel that pressure issue, when you feel it and the severity... you can share the data/report with the DR & NP.  As always, if you experience pain or shortness of breath please seek the DR or Emergency department. Hope this was helpful to you and you are doing ok today.
  • hello @terrylee. I stumbled upon a physio who does myofascial tissue release. I'd never given any thought to the possibility of having therapy done on scar tissue. I started to see this physio two months after a winter of chemo treatments; plus the debulking surgery that was done in the fall. I found for myself that these sessions were beneficial and helped to release that tightness. That's just my personal experience and thought I would share it.

  • I had a radical hysterectomy and have a long vertical scar on my abdomen.  I am 12 weeks post surgery and I am having what seems like random abdominal pain.  I have been trying to keep track of activities and foods that might be causing the discomfort but I think it is related to scar tissue.  I am going to the doctor next week so plan to discuss it with her for sure. I was in good shape before surgery and practiced Pilates and yoga for years.  Adjusting to this new normal has been difficult but I have noticed improvements in my range of motion. I am going really slow as to not do any damage by pulling to hard, in any direction.  Listening to my body is important I know but it’s not hard because it lets me know really fast if I overdo it.  I will definitely be looking for a myofacial physiotherapist in my area if I get the ok from the doctor next week. Thanks for sharing I never would’ve thought of that on my own.
  • Hi @MollyM ! Glad that what  @JaneWest shared was helpful. Hopefully it will help you too ...
  • @MollyM
    I also have done pilates and yoga off and on for decades. I could barely move after a year and a half of being very sick, enduring chemo and an extensive surgery. Two months after my final chemo, I was lucky enough to get into a pilates rehab class for cancer survivors. It was a gentle re-introduction for my body, and it was a life saver! I have since participated in more pilates (including reformer), yoga, and fitness classes - all at a pace that allowed me to develop some strength and mobility in a gentle way. The myofascial release physiotherapy has also played a part I believe, in my successful recovery. I must also mention that this particular physiotherapist I've been seeing does pelvic floor myofascial release therapy. Again, something I would never have thought of - but it has helped me. All the best!
  • I am scheduled for an abdominal US in a few weeks. During my check up she couldn't feel any palpable masses but we agreed to do blood work and the scan as to rather be safe than sorry. The pressure in my lower abdomin makes sense as I had a bikini incision along with a drain on the right side. The pressure under my right ribs is a little more puzzling though. I really hope it's nothing but would rather find out sooner if it is. When I discuss my results with my NP I will ask about the myofacial tissue release. Thanks ladies!
  • Hi @JaneWest @MollyM - I also have that scar and the muscles I guess were cut so it took me a long time to recover - strange it was exactly 1 year to the day from surgery to the start of my physio - it really helped so I hope you can find something that can help you!
  • Hi ladies! I had surgery the end of June 2016 and have the large vertical scar. Two weeks after surgery and after the staples were removed, the upper portion of my incision opened up. That required a trip to the emergency room  by ambulance. They sent me back to the gynaecologist oncologist who reopened the incision from my navel up to the top just under my breasts. He had to cut away more tissue then pack it and dress it. It took a long time to heal and the scar is wider and tighter than the lower portion. Around this time last year I started getting sharp stabbing pains in my upper abdomen. The pain lasts only 15-20 seconds but has me doubled over with pain. They come and go but always on the upper left or right. I have brought up this issue with every nurse and doctor I have seen. They all tell me it's scar tissue. Nothing shows on the cat scan and no one has suggested anything that can be done about it. I saw my pain management doctor yesterday and brought it up again, I'm scheduled for a cat scan in a few weeks so they will look again. It's a real bother and is embarrassing when it happens around other people and kind of dangerous when I'm driving the car because I never know when the pain will come. Does anyone else have this kind of pain? I'm quite interested in the physio that you have been talking about. Thanks for reading my long post my Teal sisters!!
  • About 6 weeks post surgery I had 5 sessions of scar massage by a registered massage therapist who specializes in this. I think it made a big difference and the scar has healed really well and is barely visible. I still have sudden OUCH strong pain in my lower left abdomen from scar tissue once in awhile and I’m 2 years post surgery. 
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