Hi I've had a recurrence and will be going for a treatment of Carboplatin and Gemcitabine on Monday.  When I was first diagnosed with stage 3, I had 6 rounds of carboplatin and taxol. Does anyone have any experience with Gemcitabine?  I am wondering what I can expect and if you have any advice for me.  


  • Hi @cmmacneil.  I see that you haven't received any responses yet about Gemcitabine. I believe that @meganG may have been on that drug.  I have tagged her here so she can see the post.  How was your first treatment?
  • Hi,I'm Kathy and I'm new to ovdialogue,creating an account early September 2017 but not creating a story or participating in discussions. I have had 6 treatments of Gemzar or Gem as the nurses call it. I go once a week for three weeks then a week break. I found the day after my first treatment I had body aches and feeling like I had the flu lasting 3-4 days. I had my dosage reduced after the first three which has helped to diminish the severity for the last three.I have achy joints,mostly my knees and muscle weakness,mostly my upper legs. I do experience periods of tiredness,resting when my body tells me and when i have energy,using it as my body allows. I have had to come to terms with being idle,satisfied with doing what I can and not what I used to be able to do. Hope this has helped and I hope to post my story soon.
  • Hi @_kathallen - thank you as well for posting about the treatment other than Paclitaxel and Carboplatin... that seems to be a theme on any of the medications - achy joints... I hope you are doing well today and we look forward to hearing about your story. If you are available - try joining our chat on Teal Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM CST 
  • Hi @_kathallen.  Welcome to your first discussion on OVdialogue.  I hope that you will continue to contribute to the conversations.  I am "@mentioning" @cmmacneil who first posted this discussion and was looking for some information.  When you @mention someone they will be notified of the comment.  Hopefully it may be helpful for the two of you to connect.  You can also send a private message to someone.  Beside your name in the top right corner you will see four icons.  The second one - an envelope - is where you can send and receive private messages.  Click on that and click new message and go from there.  

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Gemcitabane.
  • Hi @Marilyn thank you for welcoming me and the info on communicating with others here. I will work on navigating this site and my story.
  • Hi @Flowergirl. Your welcome and thank you for the invite to Teal Tuesday. I will work on my story, navigating this site and joining in on Teal Tuesday. 
  • Hi @_kathallen
    Thanks for sharing.  I will be starting gem in the next couple of weeks.  It is good to have an idea of what to expect.  If you have the capacity for an update, it would be appreciated.

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