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CA125 crept up a bit at end of frontline treatment

Feeling a bit frustrated and looking for some encouragement. I am still in frontline treatment after diagnosis in February of 3c/4.  I had 4 chemo and then surgery. I have had five chemo post op with Avastin added in 3 treatments ago.  My CA125 has been very slow to decrease but was gradually going down. Four weeks ago it was 83.5 but today it went up to 99. This is the first increase and I am freaking out a little. I had chemo #10 today (last one). Has anyone had a minor increase during treatment but still went on to normal range eventually?


  • hello Missy.  i have not had this issue but I can only tell you that no doctor should just rely on the ca 125 test to determine treatment.  My point is your doctor regardless of the number will be doing a scan at some point to decide where you go from here.  
  • Flowergirl
    Hello @Missy - welcome... Yes, I agree with @CurlyHair ..... I feel for you - I try really hard not to focus on the numbers  (it was very difficult post treatment, time passed since last chemo has helped calm that - my wish for you too!)- health team showed me a graph of levels when I finished treatment and it was all up and down.  

    How are you feeling today and when is your next Dr meeting? - if it helps, I logged a whole bunch of questions prior to my appointment so when I had the meeting, it felt like a better understanding of what the plan would be for me. Hope you are doing well today.
  • Missy
    Thank you @Flowergirl and @CurlyHair for responding - I truly appreciate it!  I feel good with no unusual symptoms and my oncologist did say she won't rely on CA125 alone. She looks at that but also CT's and how I am feeling.  I get another blood test on December 21st before my Avastin treatment. Oncologist said if it's still going up she will do another CT.  I had a scan on October 30th which didn't show anything of concern.  It gave me hope @Flowergirl when you said your graph showed ups and downs throughout treatment.  This journey is full of "wait and see"!  
    Thanks again for taking the time to encourage me 💕
  • Flowergirl
    Hi @Missy.... that is good that they take a rounded approach to treatment as well. I found that whole wait and see very frustrating also, you don't know what to do or really where you are at. I found it really impacted the emotional wellness. 
    I take comfort in that they have a plan so that is good. It is great that you are feeling well. I hope you are able to participate in what you want to do when you are felling good, just go for it! Do you also have access to an inperson support group / facility?
  • I did have the same thing happen the first time I did chemo.  The CA 125 went from 21 to 125 while I was doing my last chemo.  After last chemo I had a scan and there was nothing present.  The next blood test showed back down to 21.
  • midcanada
    Hi @Missy.  I was just wondering how you are doing and what your latest CA 125 level was.

    My current situation mirrors yours---I have my last booked chemo infusion tomorrow and my 
    Ca125 was slightly elevated at my blood test six days ago.  This would my first CA125 increase since diagnosis March 2017. I did have a mild dental infection and had just started antibiotics the day of the blood test.

    I hope you are doing well.