Maintenance treatments

Just curious to know what maintenance treatments or drugs you are on? And if it was reliant upon BRCA mutation? Trial basis? Many thanks


  • AndreaBAndreaB
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    I am now on Olaparib   started Nov 1.  I am a BR CA 1 .  I had my 3rd surgery and 3rd go round with chemo hoping this keeps it away
  • Hi @gail13081968.  Welcome to OVdialogue and thanks for posting this new discussion.   Are there specific drugs that your doctor is recommending for you?

    There are a few women that may be on different drugs and/or BRCA positive so I am @mentioning them here to see if they have anything they might like to share with you.... @goodday @zephyr @vivig @meganG @birdee @AmandaRoseRebs @Bishop21 @NighthawkSharon @Courtenay @PrincessFiona @CurlyHair

  • I've been on olaparib since March 2016. Although there are some side effects, it still much easier than chemo. 
  • I'm not on any yet. I've heard of Avastin and was going to mention to my Oncologist. I'm not BRCA I know that rules me out for some of the drugs...
  • I was diagnosed with the endometroid type of ovarian cancer in November 2011. My oncologists diagnosed me as stage IIIC endometrial adenocarcinoma of the uterus and stage IC endometroid adenocarcinoma of the ovary. Following active treatment, I was prescribed a pill. The medication is called Megace (the generic form that I take is actually known as Megestrol) and I’ve been taking it for five years now.

  • Is anyone taking Metformin and Simvastatin to prevent cancer recurrence? Metformin is a known diabetes drug, and Simvastatin is for high cholesterol. I've been taking these for about 3 months. One of the doctors on my team says that by taking these, I reduce by 50% the chances of cancer recurrence.  I don't think that's true.  The big double blind study has not been done. But for now, I'll continue taking these, in case they are helping. 
  • Hello @Elsie13 - thank you for sharing about this. I'm curious - did they provide you with some studies or medical information to support why they have prescribed these? There seems to be some investigations into other known drugs to see if they are effective on diseases that normally those drugs wouldn't be prescribed for. 
  • @Flowergirl, No. What happened was that in Sept,'17 my family doctor discovered that my cholesterol was rather high:
    4.7 I think for the bad cholesterol. So I thought the cancer clinic could arrange for an appointment with the nutritionist. But instead they referred me to an endocrinologist.  I thought it was a big mix-up, why would I see an endocrinologist?  So the endocrinologist prescribed those 2 drugs for me. I suppose the Simvastatin makes sense, for cholesterol problems. 
           I asked the endocrinologist, is there an article I can read that will explain all this, and he said to just google metformin for cancer. So then all I found was that the big double blind study to see if these drugs prevent cancer has never been done, so someone in my situation is taking the meds OFF LABEL!
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