Community Connection: Ovarian Cancer Canada is looking for volunteers! Could you help?

OVdialogue – consider joining our team in the role of Community Champion. Over a few hours each week, you would be part of a team that helps connect people, support conversations and are thought leaders for OVdialogue. This is your opportunity to give back to those who have/continue to support you through the tough times, share your unique experiences, and help celebrate successes. For more details of what this entails, please reach out to @Mfallis (

New Community Champion


Hello, Teal Sisters!

I'd like to introduce myself as a new Community Champion on OVdialogue. I am excited to share any of my experiences that may be helpful, as well as learn from fellow members.

A bit about me… I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (high grade serous, probably Stage III) on March 29, 2023. The news came as a shock, which I suspect is a common reaction. Since then, I've had four rounds of chemo, surgery, then two more rounds of chemo. I recently started on naraparib. I feel good and am doing well. I continue to be grateful every day for all the support and care that I've received.

I look forward to participating in discussions with this community!

PS: Why "FrogProf?" I love frogs (always have), and I'm a professor (who studies people—not frogs). 🐸


  • Strongwoman
    Strongwoman Moderator

    Good Morning and thanks for the Intro. I am sure the ladies will grow to know you over the coming weeks, Thanks for also being able to fill in for me tomorrow as I am off to do something fun with a friend for a few hours. I truly appreciate it.

    I am positive it will go well and may be a bit slow going initially but that does happen sometimes naturally week to week, or it starts out strong and wanes off. All good, Or sometimes it happens when the session is done which is fine too. If you are free and can answer anything great, if not all good, will get caught up afterwards.

    Figured the Frog part had something to do with a like for frogs. How many knick knack type frog things do you have around your house now that we know you like them so much? LOL be honest…😉