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peripheral neuropathy & ice therapy


Hi all! I’m looking for some info on using cold packs on hands & feet during treatment to help existing neuropathy.
Last year, I was diagnosed with Stage 3b high grade serous. I had in total, 9 paclitaxol NAB & carboplatin treatments, ending in Dec. Plus surg in there of course. In January of this year, I started maintenance of bevacizumab. I ended up with severe neuropathy of feet & hands. Feet are affected the worse. I have drop foot on one side, my balance is bad, they feel frozen but are actually not cold at all. Lots of numbness. I’m on gabapentin, have been doing acupuncture, physio & reflexology to regain normal function. I have had improvement! I still don’t walk great & at times my balance is wonky but it’s better!!

Now here’s the issue. My CA125 was starting to climb & CT showed some enlarged lymph nodes so back to chemo. I’ve been deemed platinum resistant so my oncologist is thinking I’ll be doing Caelyx.
I don’t want to lose what I’ve regained with the neuropathy! Any tips on how to use the ice therapy, did it help if you used it, etc. Basically any info is appreciated 🩵

BTW, my hair is just starting to grow back so if it goes again, I’m ok with that - so no cold cap for my head required. 🧑🏻‍🦲


  • SM222

    Hi @leanfries,

    Sending you all of the positive energy and strength for your upcoming chemo sessions. My mum experienced neuropathy after her first chemo infusion, so we got her hand and feet ice mitts. We purchased them on amazon, you can search for " chemo ice mitts hand and feet." We got ones with an extra pair of ice inserts as you want the mitts to last for the length of the infusion, we would carry a small cooler box to keep everything as cold as possible. The nurses advised her to start wearing the mitts 15 mins before the infusion starts and to keep it on for the entirety of the whole infusion. We would switch out the ice inserts in the middle of the infusions. My mum did not particularly enjoy wearing the mitts, but once she started her neuropathy did go down. She also only wore the mitts during the Taxol infusion. Do let me know if you have any other questions!

  • leanfries


    Thank you so much for this information! This is basically what I was looking for & I found the set on Amazon! Thank you so much! 🩵

  • Strongwoman
    Strongwoman Moderator

    What an excellent tip/trick and where to find them too. Thanks @SM222

    Great info for many going through the same thing. 🤗