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Anyone using Avastin and Paclitaxol for reoccurrence?

zephyr Legacy
edited November 2017 in Treatment
 just got on this site. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C high grade serous November 2015, surgery by Gyno Oncologist Jan 22, 2016. 6 treatments of Carbo and Paclitoxol 3 weeks apart, decreased my numbers from 500 to 16. Cancer was back in my spleen by December 2016. Started ongoing treatment with Avastin and Paclitoxol, 13 treatments since August 2017, not disappearing but holding it the same "they call it stable". I have learned from reading other ladies ongoing treatments that CA125 test is only a guideline...some woman have low numbers but still have cancer, some have high numbers but are not necessarily worse....very subjective to the person. The CAT scan really is the best indicator of the disease. I live in Canada, so all chemo is covered, not the Avastin, as it is not a cure but holds the cancer back for awhile. 4900.00 each time, I am covered by Manulife thru my husband's I am giving it a try. They don't want to give me Carboplatin, maybe later, as I am probably resistant, as the cancer came back in 5 months. I was diagnosed at age 59, I am now 61. They just decreased my paclitoxol, to ease symptoms, I have a port in my chest, which has been a godsend, as I do 3 weeks on and 1 week now they don't have to poke me whole bunch times to feed the chemo into me. I take it one day at a time and try to enjoy my life as much as possible, it does get me down sometimes but I am not down very long...not in my nature.


  • Hi @zephyr.  Thanks for your post!  I see you haven't had a response - I think there are a few people taking Avastin but as you have discovered, the cost  is not yet covered through public funding.  There are a few private insurance companies like yours that do pay for it but it is still quite uncommon.  I am glad that you are receiving this benefit and that the cancer is stable.  Do you know how much longer will you be in treatment?
  • midcanada
    I started Carboplatin/Paclitaxol/Avastin  last week.   The first of three 21 days cycles after which I will be reassessed with CT and blood work.

    I have been on continual  Carboplatin/Paclitaxol chemo since diagnosis at the end of Feb 2017.  Surgery failed. My CA 125 has dropped to 247 from 5500 and I feel quite well.  I do notice muscle and bone pain this week...also neuropathy of my feet and very painful, bruised toenails.  Now that hurts!!

    Interesting to see if the new chemo regime will drop my CA125 below 247.

    The total cost of all chemo drugs is covered by Provincial Manitoba Health Care. 

    Onward I go ....trying to enjoy the joys of each day.

  • Good for you @midcanada Your attitude is always inspiring  :)  Have the side effects you describe started just since adding the Avastin?
  • midcanada
    The bone and muscle pain is new since getting Avastin. 
    The neuropathy and toenail issues were present after my nine cycles of Carboplatin/Paclitaxol , and actually increased in the three weeks period before the new three-drug chemo regime started.
    The toenail thing was quite difficult....I think there may have been  bleeding under the nails as I had bloody discharge. It's winter boot season here and I had to buy larger boots and socks to manage. The pain has resolved now thank goodness.
    I will discuss this issue with my medical team next week to see if perhaps a different Taxol drug can be tried.
  • Hi @midcanada.  Yes, that sounds like a good idea.  Hopefully they will be able to recommend something - glad that the pain has resolved at least!