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EXCEL: Exercise for Cancer to Enhance Living Well (online and in person, FREE)

Good afternoon, everyone, 

Sharing a resource/exercise option for you.

Exercise has been shown to decrease chemo brain, cancer-related fatigue, and depression/anxiety as well as increase quality of life, mood & feeling of control, balance and bone density. Here is the information for your consideration: 

EXCEL: Exercise for Cancer to Enhance Living Well
(online and in person, FREE)

What is EXCEL? EXCEL is a Canada-wide research study that offers FREE, 12-week exercise classes. Classes are 2x per week for one hour, online through a secure video-conferencing platform, and where possible, in-person. An IN-PERSON class can run in any location pending enough interest.

Who is EXCEL for? EXCEL is for anyone with cancer without access to an exercise program. Participants can be pre-treatment, on treatment, or post-treatment. Instructors are specifically trained to work with individuals with cancer.

A new round of exercise classes will begin the week of April 15, 2024. Registration is now open!  

If you'd like to hear what participants had to say, head to these links:

The benefits of exercise for those living with and beyond cancer: 

What EXCEL means to me:

Why exercise oncology trained QEPs are so important:

Why exercise should be part of standard cancer care:

For more information, or to register, please contact or visit cancer-enhance-living-well-excel


  • Strongwoman
    Thank you for this as well, Marianne.  It sounds like a great program for those that are getting started and possibly wondering how to start.  Also good for some of us that are sitting way too much.  :)