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Daily Reminders

Hi ALL.  I am an avid Pinterest gal and found this.  I would like to share it with everyone.

It's okay to be emotional
Having compassion is a good thing
You are enough the way you are
Doing nothing every once in a while is ok
Nobody's life is as perfect as it looks
It's ok if your path looks different from others
Don't rush through life, live slowly
Spreading positivity will make you feel good
You have to believe in yourself first
It's ok to change your mind
You don't have to get along with everyone
Don't stress about the small things
There will always be bad days, don't let them turn into bad weeks

This is all food for thought and reminders to be gentle with ourselves as we go through our journeys. When the well wishes of others can seem like "too much" and "negative" or "just not ready to hear that yet" and that you want to shut them all out.  It's ok. Your process is your process.  Reminders to oneself is that we don't get stuck in the smallness we can make ourselves and our circles. To know there are resources out there to help us all get through our journeys.  That we don't walk this walk alone but with others by our side, not in front and not behind but beside us all along the way.  That your today looks different from someone else's today because that is where you are at in this very moment.  To look back at where you started every once in awhile of your journey and where you are today because of science and healthcare and the advances made in medicines.  Not to be angry because there is a lacking in certain aspects of the disease but to know by sharing that we are all contributing to the advancements of science.  Little pieces of you and you and you will all help the researchers, scientists and medical community to be able to pull all these pieces together and hopefully figure this puzzle out.  That today is that to-day. Not tomorrow and not yesterday.  Live in the moment.  Find something that brings you joy or puts a smile on your face if, even temporary.  Basque in the sunshine when the warmth of the sun is out and embrace the love and support from family and friends.  We are one of many and also we are ourselves.  Be more fluid and go with the flow and let things ebb and flow.  
These are my thoughts for today.  I hope they inspire you and maybe inspire some conversation around it and share things that bring you joy or where you are at today. 


  • To be courageous, you don’t have to stop being afraid — you can be afraid and still do what you want to do.

    I felt this fit a lot of us.  We have some starting chemo for the first time this week, others surgery, others may find out they have ovarian cancer and the rest of us that sit in our own journeys sometimes not knowing where they are headed.  Another reminder that it is okay not to be okay. That we are ALL courageous as we keep moving forward with our own journeys.  Helping others along the way and finding support in those that surround us with their love and kindness.  So, go do what you want to do today and are able to do.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring.  Live in the now. Take a deep breath in through your nose, breathe slowly out with your mouth and envision what that will look like today for you. If nothing else, you have performed a relaxation technique.  Take a couple more breaths and just.......BE.  <3

  • @Strongwoman thank you so much for your positivity and encouragement.  Your attitude inspires me.  What a difference you are making in the lives of others! ❤️
  • A poem I found and wanted to share:

    your overthinking
    for overwhelming grace,
    let it pull
    you from the forest
    to a wide and open space;
    a clearing in the wild
    where Light will fill the ground
    where anxious thoughts
    learn surrender
    and gratitude is found.
    for tomorrow is on its way,
    and it will be here in its time
    so be present here today
    with a rested, peaceful mind."
    --Morgan Harper Nichols

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    I thought this was a fitting quote.  I, myself, have been quite guilty of attempting to control whatever I can.  I feel I do this because so much of this disease is uncontrollable.  I am learning to have faith in my team, supports and do exactly what the quote says. Some days it is very hard and other days, I am like, yes I can do this!  
    What are your thoughts on the quote?
  • @Strongwoman this quote is meaningful to me as it serves as a reminder to simply be still and exist.  
  • That is a wonderful quote @HorseGirl
    Thank you for sharing! <3