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Recurrence Number 2

Originally diagnosed in July 2019  Ovarian Cancer Stage 3C
First recurrence Sept 2020
On Lynparza from March 2021 to now

CA125 levels increased last 3 routine checks 
CT scan scheduled 

Results -- cancer present on liver and vaginal cuff 

Chemotherapy to start shortly -- very disappointed & scared


  • I am so sorry to hear this news for you.  I
    have only been dealing with ovarian cancer for 7 months, but totally understand feeling disappointed and scared.  Have an appointment next week for some anti-anxiety medication.  Have you considered that route?
  • @Camper62 You hit the nail on the head "very disappointed & scared".  I recall feeling that way when I found out I had recurred.  My question is to you, "How can we help support you along your journey and what do you need?" 
      Dr. Google will not be your friend right now and will only cause you to spiral with the negative emotions/thoughts.  I will assume you are HGSC?  Have you asked yourself about "what is quality of life mean to me?"  and "what am I willing to try and/or not try going forward"?   We may feel like we don't have choices but we do, we can choose us and how we feel during it all.  I spoke extensively with both my Palliative doctor and a newer Gyne Onc when wondering whether to follow through with a double nephrostomy was for me or not.  After much thought and discussion, I decided not to.  Mostly to it was the fact that all my bloodwork was coming back 'normal' for kidney function and we all know that we can live with one kidney.  So, we monitor now, waiting for the time we may have to intervene and when we do, it will only be one sided as the right kidney is barely functioning in my case.
      So, vent, cry whatever you need to do right now, here in our group and let us support you through this difficult time.  It is full of emotions both positive and negative, mixed in with thoughts that can take you down a 'rabbit hole' and the physical symptoms you are going through as well.  Tell us how we can support you.....
      We are here when you are ready........ <3
  • @Strongwoman thank you for replying. 
    It's so difficult telling family and friends.  My personality dictates positivity but deep down, I'm scared.
    Support?  I don't even know what to ask for.  Someone like yourself checking in, keeping tabs on me/for me.
    Thanks for listening.   Jane  [email protected]
  • Your welcome @Camper62  I enjoy being able to do this and if it helps someone along the way, well I am over the 🌙 moon.
    What do you think is holding you back from telling family/friends?  Don't worry about what it sounds like, be honest to yourself and see what comes to the surface.  For me, I hold back at times because I feel/know they will ask questions to which I don't have answers for yet.  This then gets anxieties up and doesn't help me. So, I have learned to wait until I have some more answers or pieces of the puzzle and then we have a discussion.  Initially, I tell my hubby, a good friend, my boys and my Mom. Then after we have chatted I will slowly widen the circle.  Since recurring, I am learning to take care of my needs first and then so on.   This journey is difficult. It's why this forum exists so that we have a safe space to share, care, vent, cry, laugh...whatever one is feeling so one can be true to oneself. To be able to receive the support one needs to help one carry on and find the strength from us to help one along the way.  We all need it in some form and some more than others depending on where ones journey takes them.
      Support.....perhaps someone to listen? To tell you that these feelings are normal. Perhaps to know it's OK and that you have support.  Perhaps to let your true feelings out so that you can heal and get through this or to get some additional support along the way.  To know it's OK not to be ok. Whatever it is, you have done the first step and put it out there.  That is the hardest step and you accomplished it! 
      I will definitely check in with you and am here for whatever it is you need. If I can't help, I will find resources for you and pass them along or connect you with someone who can.  
      You are not alone.....we are all here to walk along beside you.  Now if you are crying now, grab some kleenex, let it out, blow it all away, take a deep breath and BREATHE.  Hugs to get some rest because tomorrow is a new day.  We take one day at a time and let the process be the process.
  • @Strongwoman Thank you.
    I am going to join on Teal Thursday
  • @Camper62  Sounds good.
    Look forward to having you join.