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Good Day Everyone.  I wanted to post about Wellspring to let everyone know on this site that it IS available to everyone, no matter where they are living and is FREE thanks to generous donations.  Some programs are specific to the area it is in and that Wellspring has a physical location that can be attended but everyone can use and utilize both the online programs and under the Resources tab, a variety of offerings.
I will do my best to show and highlight a few things and provide some links.
Here is the link to Wellspring in general.  Wellspring
I found that if I was looking for their online programs specifically this link worked better for myself Programs | Well on the Web (
Here is the link that will bring you right to the resource pages with their wealth of info
Healing & Cancer Empowerment Series | Well on the Web (

Now I will say that all of us are on different parts of our journeys.  Some may be newly diagnosed, others awaiting to find out treatment options, in treatment, in trials, NED/remission, palliative, end of life.  This means we are all in different places in which we are able to handle things.  There are also caregiver programs on this site as well.  What I am trying to say is "do not overwhelm yourself".  There is so much information and courses, etc there that one could become overwhelmed.  These are here for tools for yourself or for your loved ones to look at and possibly navigate through and/or another place to ask for some help or resources.  
In BC specifically, they have a program entitled Inspire. Here is the link to it: Homepage - InspireHealth
In Quebec the link to their programming that is similar to Wellspring is: Fondation québécoise du cancer : soutien au quotidien (

To help make it easier for everyone and for those not ready to explore.  Here are some highlights from the Wellspring site.

This highlights the page on Healing and Cancer Empowerment.  You will find a series of videos Weeks 1-5 that one can watch on this topic.  

This is another page in which all the programs available at Wellspring are:

The programs are vast and many.  Some are a time commitment on a specific day/time and others you can access on your own time.

For those of you who are either looking for resources or to join an online class like yoga or meditation, I would urge you to check it out.

One never knows what one finds helpful and perhaps this will be useful to someone at the right exact time!
Feel free to go explore and see if something fits you!