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anybody had to postpone/stop treatment because of cellulitis or pancytopenia?

 72 and diagnosed stage 4b ovarian cancer in June,  I've had five 2-part rounds of chemo (Carboplatin, Avastin, and Gemcitabine) so far, with a sixth due to start Nov 16. But last week's treatment had to be delayed to this week because my wrists developed cellulitis at the 2 chemo injection sites and I had to start an antibiotic for 10 days. Now this week's treatment has had to be cancelled because I now I have dropped to dangerously low  levels of platelets (28 when it should be at least 150), along with very low levels of white and red blood cells (the combo of the three low levels is apparently called pancytopenia, and risks spontaneous bleeding, infection, etc.) .  The  low platelets are a new bone marrow side-effect for me and I don't know what the Oncology plan is next. Has anybody else been in a similar position? If so, what did the doctors suggest?