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Hi everyone . The oncologist just informed me that thé médication is not covered by my insurance Canada vie and by thé company Novartist - don’t know what to do now - it would cost me approx per month..thanks


  • I live in Québec. Thanks 
  • @Belouche1 I am going to do a little "tap" in with @Sylviequebecbc to see if she has an info to assist you with this as I believe it is where she resides.  I know Ontario and Quebec has slight differences and perhaps she can provide some insight for you and educate me.  Let's see what she responds with. 
  • @Strongwoman I live in BC and the medication was covered by BC cancer agency. My oncologist did the paper work for me.  
  • @Sylviequebecbc My apologies.  I assumed from your pseudo-name and should not have.  Thank you for the info and it may be helpful to someone in BC