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What is causing my muscle aches and joint pains?

Hello all,

I was diagnosed stage 4B HGSOC in October 2022, have been through front line treatment, finished chemo in May 2023, now on Lynparza (Olaparib) and Avastin (Bevacizumab) for maintenance. 
I've been experiencing joint stiffness and muscle aches since starting on maintenance. The degree of pain fluctuates from day to day, some days worse, some days better. I wake up every morning with very stiff and sore fingers, this usually resolves within a few minutes. Other than that, the most painful areas are shoulders, neck, and pelvis/lower back. I have also been experiencing pain in my feet bones (!) after walking. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's muscular pain or joint pain. If I sit for any length of time, I experience extreme stiffness when I get up and move around - picture me hobbling around bent over - which eases up after a few minutes.
My oncologist initially thought it was most likely a side effect of Olaparib, and that it might be also be a side effect of the suddenly lowered estrogen levels from surgical menopause. 
I'm wondering if there are others out there who have experienced joint and muscle pain with Olaparib or Avastin or the combo, and whether the pain diminished after stopping the drugs. 
I\m really hoping this isn't a symptom of menopause, and that this discomfort will be time-limited.
Any and all comments/suggestions/advice/thoughts/feedback appreciated!


  • Strongwoman
    @Petra It looks like you were left hanging with this one.  I know from other posts there have been some commonalities regarding your symptoms and others.  Have you tried typing either drug into the search bar to see what comes up on any threads?  It is so tough when we don't feel well and when those symptoms affect our daily lives.  Muscle/joint pain is hard and can be very sore and uncomfortable.  
    Due to my own surgery, if I have been sitting for any length of time, when I go to get up, I am hunched over for a bit until I walk around more.  I find I can't lay on the floor on my belly without discomfort.  
    I regularly have muscle and joint pain and am sadly learning to live with it. I have had to learn to compartmentalize symptoms and categorize them as severe, moderate and mild with how they affect my quality of life.  
      Hoping you get some answers soon and that the symptoms either calm down or go away all together. 
    Take care
  • Thanks for the reply @Strongwoman.
    Things could be a lot worse, so I'm grateful for that.
    It'll be interesting to see if things change once I'm no longer on bevacizumab and then when I go off olaparib. 
  • Strongwoman
    @Petra My fingers are crossed that as time goes on after coming off both drugs that your body will adapt and hopefully for the better.  
      Hope you have a nice weekend.
  • @Strongwoman
    Thank you, I sure hope so too. 

  • Strongwoman
    Hi @Petra  It has been quite some time since you posted last and thought that I should check in with you.  The holidays and lead up to it, can be so busy let alone any treatment one is going through and how one is feeling.  So, how is this January finding you?  Are you in treatment?  If so, what and how are you feeling.  How are you filling your days these days?  I am so happy to be able to see the snow.....from the inside it looks brighter even though it is cold out.  I am thankful I found some lined leggings as I have been living in them these past few days. Find them warmer than track pants. Enough of me, let me know how you are, when you can as I think of you often. Take care.... <3
  • Petra
    Hi @Strongwoman, thanks for checking in :smile:
    I'm doing really well, and so grateful for that. 
    I finished frontline treatment 8 months ago, am on maintenance meds (olaparib and bevacizumab) and so far so good! Bloodwork looks great, CA 125 staying in the 10-12 range, and not much in the way of side effects other than occasional fatigue and the joint pains - which are quite manageable. 
    It's been an intense and remarkable time, this whole ovarian cancer journey. 
    I don't post on the forum, but I do still follow the discussions, as I feel so emotionally connected with what everyone is going through. I have no idea what will happen for me, whether I will have a recurrence or not, and if I do, what treatments may be available, and I am profoundly grateful that the forum and the support exists, should I find myself back in treatment. 
    Thank you for everything that you do  <3
  • Strongwoman
    That is amazing @Petra I am so happy for you!  Sounds like the maintenance meds are working and am thankful for that.  It's okay that you don't post often and glad you follow along from time to time.  If you don't mind dropping me a line now and then to let me know how you are, I would really appreciate it.  I would like to know.  
     Your welcome, the pleasure is mine and fills me with so much purpose!
    Take care  <3