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Did you catch my makeover on Cityline?

Hi All

Here is a link to my Cityline makeover last Friday!  I will wear the outfit again, but I'd like the wig to be shorter and lighter.  But what a blast to be pampered for the day!  My daughter Sharyn looked amazing and said the sweetest things. Everyone on the show was so nice and positive.  My grandkids are briefly featured too - they just melt my heart.  It felt so weird seeing myself on TV - the chemo has aged my face and body - all sharp angles, yet puffy from the anti-allergy steroids. The old me would have been cringing about how I looked but the new me is just so darn happy to be alive that I truly enjoyed every moment.  For those not familiar with my journey - they thought my Stage 3C cancer would finish me off by Xmas 2022, but here I am!


  • You look amazing!
    You and I were diagnosed around the same time, I believe we are in the same city.  Sounds like you are doing incredibly well.  Best wishes!
  • @BellaDonna1959 What a wonderful day for you emotionally and physically. It meant a lot to you and it shows.
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Bobby
    edited October 2023
    Wow Donna - way to go.  
  • You go, girl!!  What a great experience for you and your family.❤️  Now I need a new wig!!!
  • OMG speaking of wigs @HorseGirl
    My friend from the Palliative Day Program started chemo again recently.  I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks and she came in with a lighter colour hair and new style. I almost didn't recognize her.  It was a wig! She looked amazing in it.