Community Connection: Ovarian Cancer Canada is looking for volunteers! Could you help?

OVdialogue – consider joining our team in the role of Peer Support Volunteer. Over a few hours each week, you would be part of a team that helps connect people, support conversations and are thought leaders for OVdialogue. This is your opportunity to give back to those who have/continue to support you through the tough times, share your unique experiences, and help celebrate successes. For more details of what this entails, please reach out to @Mfallis ([email protected]).

Teal Thursday connection

Teal Thursdays are a great opportunity to "live chat" on OVdialogue, and we want to hear from you if the day and time is working well or should we consider another day to host these chats.  Please select from the options below. (There will be another poll when this one closes to capture thoughts on the specific timing)

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