Hi I've had a recurrence and will be going for a treatment of Carboplatin and Caelyx on Monday.  When I was first diagnosed with stage 3, I had 6 rounds of carboplatin and taxol. Does anyone have any experience with caelyx?  I am wondering what I can expect and if you have any advice form me.  


  • HI Amy, I had Caelyx + Carbo last winter, 3 years after initial Carbo/Taxol. Once a month treatment was not bad, I did not feel well usually on day 3-4-5, when the Dex had worn off and I had to use anti nausea meds.
    Never had any hand or foot problems, you hear about so much. My hair did not fall out, but did not grow any new either so became a bit thin, all is back now. Overall not a bad treatment, especially if it works for you.
  • Thanks for your comments @goodday.  I have had the same thing with my hair.  Good to know it will grow back the chemo has shrunk the masses a bit. I seem to get more fatigued each time and I get a fiery red rash on my hands. Being proactive with ice and lotion helps. I think I've have 9 rounds and might have a 10th on Thursday.  How did it work for you?

  • Hi Amyc.......I had a serve reaction to this drug....literally burned my skin under my arms and down my sides.....this is not typical though.........everyone is different
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