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I am recently diagnosed and have not yet started treatment. My first appointment with an oncologist is October 18th.  In the meantime I have been experiencing terrible nausea and occasional vomiting.  My belly gurgles and growls constantly. I have been taking Gravol but it doesn’t seem to help.  My GP prescribed a medication ( Ondansetron) but it is very expensive and also didn’t seem to provide much relief.  After a bout of vomiting I usually feel better for a day or so.  Anyone else have this problem?  Any suggestions other than ginger which gives me acid reflux? 


  • @JoanEG What province do you live in? Some have meds directly related to the cancer under a provincial plan.  I am in Ontario and believe it is Trillium here.  I didn't ask for it and it began when I started chemo or shortly after that if memory serves me right. 
      I also have an sublingual (under the tongue) Odansetron for when I can't tolerate anything including water. They dissolve quickly and work well. Perhaps inquiring about that may help you too for when you are so nauseated. When I get like that (bloated, vomiting) I have to switch back to a liquid diet as well for a few days and then slowly add on.  What I experience is called an ileus.  Type that in the search bar and more posts will come up on it.
      I feel for you and I will see if I can find an info for you once I know which province you are in for possible drug coverage at no cost to you. It is terrible what you are going through, is not comfortable and kind of unsettling to not know what is going on. I sincerely hope there is something out there for you to cover the costs.
     Hoping some of that helps
  • @Strongwoman thank you for this info.  I am in BC and I will inquire about coverage when I go to the cancer clinic on the 18th.  I’m wondering if the odansetron I have is supposed to be taken sublingual…hmmm.  It just says take one or two tablets every 8 hours as needed.
  • @JoanEG Take a look on the box. I have both. The one that goes under the tongue should say oral dissentigrating or is also called Zofran.  The normal ones look like a normal pill. The sublingual ones are tiny.
    I would ask if you don't have it. When I have my ileus episodes I can barely drink water and sometimes not at all so these sublingual ones help when I am like that.
      Glad the info was useful. 

  • I checked they are just the normal tablets.  I will definitely ask about the sublingual ones.  I had a bout of vomiting last night so I feel good today and didn’t take anything. Thanks again for all your help.  
  • @JoanEG Your welcome and hope it is an option for you