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Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone, I'm Joan from Vancouver Island.  II was just recently diagnosed and I am waiting for an appointment with the oncologist on October 18th.  
In the meantime I could really use some feedback on how common or unusual my symptoms are and suggestions on how to manage them.  I initially thought I had an issue with my bladder as my first symptom was getting up 7 or 8 times a night to pee.  That one I have learned to cope with.  Since then I also started having issues with bad gas, cramps, bloating and morning diarrhea.  The latest is nausea, ugh.   This is what I am having difficulty with.  I'm not sure how much is stress or whether this is another symptom of the disease.  
I hope I'm not coming across as a whiner.  Overall at age 72 my health has been very good up until this point.  I am active and used to being busy but this is really slowing me down.
Any suggestions on coping with the nausea would really be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.


  • Strongwoman
    @JoanEG Hello!  Welcome to our site! I am saddened to hear of your symptoms.  Finding out you have cancer is tough enough.  I found out when I was passing copious blood from the rectum and it was foul smelling.  It was a GI bleed which I had no idea about. So that is where my symptoms started.  All my other symptoms I chalked up to pre-menopause.  I could not have more wrong!  There is usually a catalyst for all of us that brings us to our diagnosis.  You are not alone.
      As for the symptoms, I would suggest either speaking with your medical doctor or calling in to the Gyn Onc you have been referred to and let them know what is going on.  One of them should be able to give you guidance.  Ginger is very good for nausea.  You can get in tea form, candied ginger or ginger chews.  They did help me a bit in the beginning.  Some of us have had to change our diets due to GI issues.  We were just discussing this very topic a few days ago.  Raw veggies are a biggie that a lot can't eat without issues.  I was unable to eat lettuce for a very long time which is terrible when you like these types of food.  I would record all your symptoms (with dates) and what you ate and did that day.  It will help when you go to your appt and for after as well.  
      If you have not already, on our website, you will find a link to By Your Side.  It is available in either print or digital form and is a handy tool as you go through things. It helped not only myself but my family as well.  We also have what is called a Teal Thursday at 1pm ET in which we are online and chat about anything and everything.  You are welcome to join anytime.  Watching the feed sometimes later is what some do if they are unable to catch it at that precise time.
      If you need to reach out due to symptoms, emotions or have questions, feel free.  It is what we are all here for. We all help each other out along the journey. 
      Take care and hope this has helped some.
  • Thank you.  I have been keeping a journal and recording my symptoms day by day.  I downloaded By Your Side and have read through it.  Thanks again as I wasn’t sure if this nausea was a symptom or caused by something else. 
  • Strongwoman
    @JoanEG Your welcome.  Often nausea is associated with the bloating.  Looking back at my own situation and I remember feeling nauseated and not able to eat a lot prior to my surgery.  
      Glad you found By My Side.  I didn't sleep well after my diagnosis either as I was thinking too much about it all.  I am hoping that is not the case for you and that you have a restful evening and sleep. 
  • I haven’t been sleeping well for quite awhile now.  My initial symptom was having to get up to pee 7 or 8 times a night and sometimes I have a hard time getting back to sleep.  That now seems like a breeze compared to this constant nausea, lol.  Thanks again for your help.
  • Strongwoman
    @JoanEG I worked with a cancer naturopath before I was deemed "recurred". She had me taking melatonin.  I stopped it due to grabbing the wrong dosage (10mg) and I woke up feeling hungover the next morning.  I wasn't on anything for a few months and then wasn't sleeping. I was prescribed a sleep aide called Zoplicone.  It has no residual hangover feeling in the morning and can take it an hour before bed. I knew of other people taking sleep aides and they were always so exhausted in thr morning that I was hesitant to try something. This one shuts my brain off, does not make me feel sleepy and the bathroom trips are less as well. But...when I wake up in the morning I have to "go".  It has helped immensely and I am now taking melatonin as well to see if it will help instead of upping my dosage again.  I am sharing this as it is important to sleep for the body and mind.  Keep it written somewhere and inquire about it or something similar to help you sleep. 
      I hope you will get the nausea under control soon.
      Take care
  • Good to know!  I actually have some Zoplicone it has been kicking around since before my husband passed away in 2017.  I will try taking 1/2.  My doctor actually asked me if I wanted something to help me sleep but I have a thing about taking medication… I need to get over that!
  • Strongwoman
    @JoanEG I totally understand. Up until my diagnosis etc, I rarely took even Tylenol. It is something to wrap your head around and say to yourself, I need this for me and so I am living the best I can. 😉🤗
      Medications are there to help us. At some point we have to say, yes it is time.
  • Thanks again, you are very helpful and very kind.  🤗