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Avastin in the news


Hi everyone,

I just came across this news article related to Avastin. I hope anyone taking it won't be affected negatively


  • Strongwoman
    @melissa That was an interesting and thank you for sharing.  
    "The regulator said in its statement that in the cases concerned Avastin had been used off-label, meaning outside its approved use, to treat diabetes-related eye conditions. In its statement, Roche said: "Avastin is not approved for any use in the eye. Counterfeit medicines pose a health risk to patients because their content may be ineffective and contain harmful ingredients."
    I quoted a couple of excerpts from the article ( in quotations & bold).  It is a terrible thing that is occurring, "Alam Sher, Punjab's deputy drug controller who filed the police complaint against the distributors, told Reuters that some companies buy Avastin and repackage it in smaller doses to make it more affordable for patients."
    It is not a nice thought to know that this occurs and is being used for what it's primary purpose is NOT meant to do.  I feel for those that were affected and hope they get the treatment they need after taking it.
    I do feel that after reading it that most of the women in Canada & U.S.A., may not be affected as our drug controls rules and governing bodies are different.  This is also true for most parts of the world as well.  I would hesitate that North Americans policies are the strictest but I think that they are up there as far as safety and uses of drugs for their original purposes.  Daily researchers and scientist are working diligently on finding cures for Ovarian Cancer and from what I remember (possibly from our forum) there might even be a vaccine in the future.  Future.....what is it and just how far away it is, I don't know but for many it's a hope they will cling to just in case it gets here for when they need it.