Palpable mass not seen on ultrasound



  • Hello @CanaryBird - thank you for sharing and we are hoping for a good plan of action for you.
  • Thank you @Flowergirl . I was offered an urgent ultrasound of a liver and uterus again. Hopefully it is urgent enough to avoid another few months waiting..
    I actually have a question too all you ladies: do you know what is the normal waiting time to have a surgery after having a consultation with an oncologist? They cannot provide any timeframe for me. I am worrying it could take many months and turn to be too late as a result. I have this mass, it was confirmed by a CT, plus my symptoms -- but have no idea when the surgery is going to happen.
  • @CanaryBird will keep you in my thoughts when is your appointment?

  • @terrylee My consultation with an oncologist is in January. But I still do not know the date of my surgery and worrying it mayb be too long to wait. For example, despite of my rectal bleeding, my colonoscopy is booked in 5 months from now. Just wondering if these are normal waiting times. Maybe some of you ladies are willing to share their experience how long you waited for surgeries overall. Thank you and take care!
  • Hi @CanaryBird, have been reading your posts and so feel for you. I can't speak to 'normal', but when I saw my gyne-oncologist, I found out my surgery had already been booked, based on the MRI results, for 5 days later. 
  • @jan0927 May I please ask what province are you in? I am in BC.
  • Hi @CanaryBird.  I'm sorry to hear about all that is going on for you. It is hard to know what wait times are in the different provinces but I think once you see the oncologist, things will move along as quickly as possible based on their findings and review of your test results.  If they suspect cancer, I highly doubt you will be waiting months for surgery.  It is so hard to wait any length of time!  Some people find it helpful to keep busy and focused on other things. The holidays could be a good distraction.  At the same time, the holiday season can be difficult when you don't know what January is going to bring.... 

    Do you have plans for the holidays that may help with that? 
  • @CanaryBird, I'm in Ontario. 
  • @CanaryBird I'm hoping @Marilyn is right and you're surgery may already be booked. Waiting and not knowing is the worst!
  • @CanaryBird, I'm in Ontario and my diagnosis was confirmed January 2nd, it took 3 weeks to see the Gyne onc and then surgery was February 23.  I remembered feeling very panicked at the time, and felt like screaming "don't you know I have cancer?".  But of course everyone who goes there has cancer and is in the exact same situation.  Wait times really depend on your province and your region.  
    The waiting is brutal, so if there is anything you can do to distract yourself, please do it.  I went on a cruise with my bestie.  I laughed solidly for 5 straight days.  I also went to Winterlude with my family, and we played in the snow and had a blast.  I was filling my emotional stores to overflowing, knowing that I'd need them for the battle ahead.  It was the best thing I could have done for myself.
    I hope things move along quickly for you.  Hugs!
  • Thank you so much for your precious support @Pumpkinpi , @terrylee , @jan0927 & @Marilyn 
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! All my love and hugs to you. 
    I will update when I have some news. Take care!
  • Hello @CanaryBird - I'm glad you have that oncologist appointment date. I agree with @Pumpkinpi - the waiting seems to terrible and yes, if you can distract yourself, or clear up tasks and projects or any type of self care activity it may help pass the time. Yes, each province is different;  OR time slots to consider, DR. schedules,  etc. as well as the severity of each person's condition. When I went to the Gyne-Oncologist, the surgery was already booked.  For me, it was 6 weeks wait from diagnosis to surgery. 

    Hoping you are able to have some enjoyable moments over the holidays. Wishing all goes well for you.

  • Same to you @CanaryBird and everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 
  • Hi @CanaryBird I missed following up on this.  How are things with you?

  • @CanaryBird I am hoping this finds you well.  We are all thinking of you.  If you have time, it would be nice to know how you are doing and coping.
  • Hi everyone, thank you for thinking of me. I am okay being fully recovered from the surgery. I've outlined some details in my previous post here:     

    Hopefully you enjoy summer & have a wonderful time! Take care.

  • @CanaryBird thanks for the update  :)
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