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Ascites question from Teal Thursday

@Taita wrote this in the chat yesterday
"I have a question for anyone in the group.  My ascites is pushing everything around including helping my calfs, ankles and sometimes legs swell.  I am using compression socks but they have their own issues. Has anyone taken diuretics for the swelling?  My nurses think it would help, but my oncologist says it won't. Next stop is family doctor.  Thoughts?"

I will weigh in with what knowledge I know of the body from being in the healthcare field before I retired.  I would side with your Oncologist on that one. Ascites is due to a build up of fluid within the peritoneal cavity.  If they are already draining it, I feel that the effectiveness of a water pill would not be very effective due to the amounts they are draining from you currently. That does not say one can't try and see at all. I, personally, don't feel you will obtain results I feel you are looking for. Once they start draining like they are, it is a continuous cycle of it until resolved or one learns to live with it. Not an answer any one of us wants to hear, it is unfortunately a reality of it. It is something I am sure I will face down the road as well.  It is extremely frustrating, uncomfortable and emotionally difficult as well.  If you do find out any answers from your family doctor and would like to share them, I would be interested in reading the post. 
  Hope you have a nice weekend and are as comfortable as you can be.
Take care
This was taken from a website
"A sheet of tissue called the peritoneum covers the abdominal organs, including the stomach, bowels, liver and kidneys. The peritoneum has two layers. Ascites happens when fluid builds up between the two layers."